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[Review+Swatch] ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix, Pencils, & Eyeshadow

Hi, everyone! Happy (belated) New Years! Sorry I've been gone so long without notice. Once the holiday season started, I had to devote all of my time to Pretty Jelly. I had some collection swatches that never got posted, so I may do some throwback posts. ^^

Today I have a non polish related post (gasp), but there will still be color and sparkles! ColourPop Cosmetics seems to be a fairly new makeup brand that's been blowing up on Youtube more recently. I actually came across them on Temptalia first and was elated to see true purple lipsticks in their color lineup. I'm obsessed with purple lipstick, but they are so hard to find, so I grabbed a few of those as well as some other colors. :)

First off, the packaging is very cute, complete with holographic labeling. My orders are always well packed in a sturdy box, and each item is in its own individual packaging as well. It's all topped off with some info cards and a handwritten note.

I'll start with the one eyeshadow I got. So Quiche is described as a "soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome with a metallic finish." The texture of the eyeshadow is soft and dents easily with a bit of pressure - similar to products like L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow. So Quiche retails for $5.00 per 0.07 oz.

This eyeshadow is susceptible to drying out so the cap needs to be screwed on tightly. For application, I find it easier to use my finger than a brush. While pigmented enough to wear over bare skin, it does last longer over primer. Over Pixie Epoxy, the result is more golden and glittery. It looks great either way.

Can we talk about the color? It's really a lot more beautiful in person. This is a glittery color, so if that's not your thing, ColourPop also offers some nice looking mattes. My favorite eyeshadows are all glittery, so this is right up my alley. The color is unique, and I like the subtle shift in the sparkles from pink-purple to gold.

Now the main attraction! I ordered quite a few Lippie Stix and Pencils. The Lippie Stix are basically lipsticks with a smaller bullet, which makes them easier to apply. Both the Lippie Stix and Pencil retail for $5 per 0.0352oz. That's about a third of the standard lipstick size (~0.1oz), so they're actually priced closer to a MAC lipstick than a drugstore brand. The lippies twist up, while the pencils need to be sharpened. The other end is color coded, and the lippies are labeled with printed stickers.

This is the limited edition holiday lippie set: Forget The Fruitcake. You can still get this one on their website. They haven't announced when they're taking it down, but I'm hoping they'll make the colors from this set permanent. ^^ Here are the swatches of all my lippies and pencils below! Colors are listed from left to right. Starred colors are from the Fruitcake set.

Brink, Frida, Cookie, Scandy, Scandy pencil, Tuxedo, Rocket, Frenchie, Confetti
Brink (matte): Warm dusty taupe. It looks like a dusty, pink-brown on me. The perfect MLBB shade. I prefer this over Frida.
Frida (satin): Warm mid tone nude pink. On my medium, warm skin, this pulls more peach and looks brighter than the average nude. Still a nice every day color, but I think it'll look more nude on fair skin.
Cookie* (matte): True nude beige. Gives me understated lips without making them look dead. I first got this as a free add-on and liked it enough to purchase another (through the Fruitcake set).
Scandy (satin): Cool toned neon pink. Rumored to be a MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe. This one's the most staining.
Scandy pencil: Cool toned neon pink. Warmer and deeper than the lippie.
Tuxedo* (hyper glossy): Cool toned neon pink. Warmer and deeper than Scandy. Closer in color to the Scandy pencil.
Rocket (satin): Soft bright pinky coral. I might need to test it again, but it doesn't apply as evenly and sort of looks like it's just sitting on my lips. The unevenness is really at a macro level. It looks fine at talking distance.
Frenchie (matte): Bright warm neon red. Yes, it's neon!
Confetti* (hyper glossy): True blue red, above swatch is more accurate than the one below. Beautiful glossy finish, but does feather. Best paired with a pencil.

Frenchie, Confetti, Bossy pencil, Bichette, Cheers, Tutu, Ellarie pencil, Creature, Lady
Frenchie and Confetti shown again for comparison.
Bossy pencil: Classic blue red. Layers beautifully with Confetti. Perfect for channeling your inner Taylor Swift.
Bichette (matte): Deep red wine. A classic and classy red.
Cheers* (matte): Deep raspberry. Gorgeous on the lips.
Tutu* (matte): Blackened red violet. It feels so creamy, I can barely feel it. Applies evenly in just one pass - amazing. So in love with this one.
Ellarie pencil: Blackened violet. Pairs beautifully with either Tutu or Creature. It's easy to blend into a soft ombre with those colors as well.
Creature (matte): A deep blackened burgundy red. Darker and warmer than Tutu. It tends to grab onto dry spots and color it darker, requiring a bit more work for an even color.
Lady* (matte): Cool toned dirty burgundy. Lovely muted brown-red. It's like a darker MLBB - still safe while letting you dip your toes into the dark/brown lip territory. I feel like this color would flatter any skin tone.

Tutu, Ellarie pencil, Creature, Lady, Pitch, Flawless, Leather, Leather pencil
Tutu through Lady shown again for comparison.
Pitch (matte): Rich blackened chocolate brown. Brown lipstick is trending, and I can see why. It's so rich and delicious looking on the lips.
Flawless (satin): Deep red violet. May be a MAC Rebel dupe. I was hoping it'd look purple on me, but it looks more berry. Still a beautiful, bold color, but can emphasize lip lines.
Leather (matte): Deep blackened violet. It's a true purple. *cue angel choir*
Leather pencil: Deep blackened violet. This darkens the lippie a bit and adds a bit more red. Gorgeous combo.

Here are all the colors together for reference. Click/open in a new tab for a bigger pic. :)

Final Thoughts
Hyper Glossy
I don't own any of the regular glossy lippies, but the hyper glossy lippies apply smoothly and evenly. Confetti feathers badly on me, but Tuxedo was fine when worn alone. I prefer to wear both with matching lip liners to prolong wear and prevent feathering.

My favorite finish so far. It's not a true matte as shown by the slight sheen in my swatches, but it does look more matte on the lips than on my skin. The wear is comfortable and not drying, but not moisturizing either. Application is very creamy, even, and smooth. 

The satins are a bit inconsistent on me. Some apply as nicely as the mattes, others can emphasize lip lines. Flawless in particular really emphasized my lip lines. The others weren't as bad. Scandy in particular applies beautifully.

These look like true mattes. They're creamy and pigmented, making it easy to line and color lips without using excessive force. You can easily wear them alone.

In general, I'm really pleased with the quality of ColourPop's lippies. The pigmentation is incredible and they all feel creamy on the lips. One thing to note is that these are scented like vanilla, but it's not too noticeable on the lips and fades within an hour.

It's hard for me to pick favorites, but I will tell you that the Forget The Fruitcake set is amazing. I'm really hoping they make it permanent, because Cookie, Cheers, Tutu, and Lady are some of my favorites out of my entire collection.

Availability: You can find all of these at Sign up for their newsletter to receive a $5 off coupon code!

Have you tried any of the ColourPop lippies or eyeshadows? Which are your favorites?


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