Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Nail Looks!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Here are two holiday looks I came up with.  I just realized I used gold in both manis.  I realize most people don't really like gold nail polish, but something about gold screams holiday to me.  The second mani can easily be adapted to match your color preferences, however.  Hope you like these! :)

Poinsettia nails!  I obviously didn't research how they look before doing this mani.  I kinda of did it off the top of my head and realized later that the leaves don't look like that. -_-  I think I was thinking of mistletoe leaves.  I used Sinful Colors Last Chance for the green nails and Dr.'s Remedy Glee Gold for the other nails.  For the poinsettia, I used China Glaze City Siren and lined it with a gold glitter nail art polish.  For the middle of the flower, I used Milani Fx in gold.  I think that's my favorite part. :P

Present nails!  For this one I used Sinful Colors Midnight Blue and Wet n Wild 24 Carats.  I originally drew the bow in black, but decided to color it in with the blue polish.  In person you couldn't tell I colored it in, but...yeah you can totally tell in these pics. -_-

Well, that's it for today!  Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays! :)


*Products in this post were sent to me for review.  I'll be reviewing them as whole very soon!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Mani: Tweed & Roses

Hey all,

I probably should get my holiday manis posted, but I wanted to share this winter mani I did with you first.  I think I'm going to compile my holiday looks into one post and post it tonight.  So be on the lookout for that one!  Here's the winter look I did with tweed and roses. :)

Read on to see more!

Dr.'s REMEDY Jolly & Joy Holiday Collection Swatches

I'm a bit late in posting this, but I hope you enjoy the swatches!

REVIVE Ruby Red, 3 coats.  This is a shimmery ruby red.  The formula was great and it's your typical holiday red.  I actually didn't own a shimmery red (all my reds seem to be cremes or glitters), so I was happy to get it nonetheless.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Julep Maven Mystery Box

Hey all!

Wow I really have not posted for over a month.  Shame on Liz!  Now that finals are over and I'm on break, I will definitely post more.  I have files and files of backlogged nail pics, so there is definitely enough content to post twice a day for a month there.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you the Julep Mystery Box I ordered.  It came today!

The Julep Box of Mystery retails for $60 and is full of mystery Julep products worth anywhere from $60 to $200!  If you use code DAY5 you can get the box for $19.99.  I also had a $15 voucher, so I got mine for a whopping $4.99, and of course shipping is free.  Let's take a look at what I got. :)

Left to right: Pout Popper in Arousal (lip gloss), Age Defying Hand Brightener (mini), Glycolic Hand Scrub (mini), 3 Nail polishes: Christina, Carrie, Jodie, and a glass file.

All in all, while I didn't score $200 worth of products, I'd say I got around $80 worth!  Not bad at all.  I think you're guaranteed at least two nail colors, so I'd say it's worth checking out.  What do you think?  Let me know if you ordered this box too and what you got!  I'd love to know! :D


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Julep Maven Referral Penny Deal

Hey guys!  I know it's been over a month. >.<  I just finished finals and am going home in a few hours.  (I'm actually in the middle of packing.)  I saw a crazy deal so I wanted to share it with you before I packed my computer.

Julep Maven is actually doing this crazy deal where 1,000 referred Mavens get their first box for only a penny!  And shipping is free so it's really practically free.

If you would like to take advantage of this deal, please click my link HERE and use this code SHAREON. :)