Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OPI & China Glaze Haul

Today I visited a beauty supply store I've been wanting to visit for awhile.  It's kind of far from my house, but close to the bf's place, so he offered to take me there.  Since we were both back home for spring break, we decided to head out today for some hauling.  Before driving there we shared a chicken teriyaki sandwich together for a quick lunch.  One of my (many) guilty pleasures.

So what did I get?  I grabbed a few polishes from the OPI Holland collection, the China Glaze Hunger Games and Electropop collection, and a few others.

1. Wooden Shoe Like to Know? / 2. Pedal Faster Suzi! / 3. I Don't Give a Rotterdam! / 4. Gouda Gouda Two Shoes / 5. I Have a Herring Problem / 6. Make Some Noise / 7. Atlantis / 8. Luxe and Lush / 9. Fast Track / 10. Riveting

I also bought two CG base coats.  I go through those like water.  And a back up bottle of CG Atlantis.  Atlantis is one of those discontinued polishes.  Fortunately it can be easily found online for retail price.  I've been meaning to buy Atlantis for a while now, so when I saw it in stores I grabbed the two that they had.

The bf was really good about this trip.  I think I spent over an hour ah-ing and oohing over a bunch of polishes, trying to decide which ones I must have, and narrowing down polishes to fit my budget.  I put him through a lot of torture. T__T

The weird thing is, when I was contemplating over CG Make Some Noise, the bf asked, "Don't you already have that color?"  To which I confidently replied, "No."  As fate would have it, I do in fact have this color. -_-

Bottles: SinfulColors Timbleberry, CG Make Some Noise // On nail: CG Make Some Noise, SC Timbleberry
Sorry about this blogging fail.  The pics aren't ordered consistently so make sure you read the caption correctly.  I wasn't thinking when I was taking these pics or when I was editing.  Hey, it's almost 3am. -_-  In the bottle there's a small difference.  The SC is a bit brighter and more coral, while the CG is a bit more muted and red.  However on the nail, there is barely any difference.  The above pics were taken in flash, and in my opinion flash picks out differences a lot better than natural lighting.  Yet it's hard for me to tell them apart in my swatch.  If you look really hard, SC is a bit more coral/orange.  In the end, I can confidently say these two are dupes.  I can't justify owning both, so the CG is going back.  I'm thinking of getting Kinetic Candy instead, which is quite close in color to a franken I made last summer.  I may also get Gothic Lolita. ;)

Well, I must really go to sleep now!  Good night!



  1. Looks like a nice haul you got there. Can't wait for mine to arrive

  2. Atlantis! This is gorgeous and I need to get it now!

  3. Gorgeous nail color and great haul! The food sure is yummy! Making me hungry now!

  4. Oh dear God, that sammich and fries looks so delicious.

    And the haul looks great! I can't wait to see them swatched.

  5. i looove all your polish picks! china glaze is one of my favorite brands xx
    my blog: boho vanity

  6. Atlantis looks gorgeous! And that sandwich looks mighty yummy :P

  7. Awesome haul! I'm so jealous of Atlantis, it's so beautiful!

  8. Yummy! And awesome haulage. P.S. I just tagged you, Liz! http://www.oliviafrescura.com/2012/03/22/tag-get-to-know-me/

  9. Really nice blog, I´m following you now :)

  10. All these polishes look so lovely!

    Over on my blog I am having a Mac lipstick give away, I would love for you to enter :o)



  11. timbleberry is so pretty! is that part of their core collection?
    oh, and definitely get gothic lolita...i loooove it!


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