Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Born Pretty 10% Off Coupon Code

Hey all!

I was recently contacted by Born Pretty to review products from their nail art supply site.  If you don't know about Born Pretty, it's like a huge web store filled with everything you could need or want for nail art.  They also sell a variety of nail polishes, including novelty ones like mood and magnetic polishes.  The prices are also low and with free shipping, there's really nothing to lose.  I've used the Hello Kitty stickers from them before, and they were of good quality.  You can see my review for those *here*.

While we're waiting for my items to arrive for review, Born Pretty sent me a coupon code you guys can use for your purchases.  Here it is below!

10% off! :D  You can also find this banner in my left sidebar under 'coupon codes'.  If you ever need it, just look for it there, so you don't have to come searching for this post.  If more than 10 people use this code, Born Pretty will also sponsor a giveaway or a contest on my blog!  Exciting!  Hopefully we'll be able to host that giveaway soon. :)

In the meantime, happy shopping! ^^



  1. That sounds great, I'll take a look :)

  2. Thanks for the coupon! I love their prices but it's even better with the discount.


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