Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Born Pretty Hello Kitty Stamping Kit Review

Hello Liquid Jellettes!  Yes, you are a Jellette. ;)  Born Pretty was kind enough to send me a few products for review.  If you don't know about Born Pretty, it's an online site that sells lots of various nail art* products and polishes for fairly low prices.  The first item I tried was the Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit*.  This kit contains one stamping plate with 9 images, including one of Hello Kitty.  It also comes with a small one-side stamper and a scraper.

Here's a close up of the stamping plate:

This was my first time using a stamping plate, and it was quite an experience.  Well, first of all, I forgot to take off the clear protective film on the plate.  I was wondering why the ink wasn't pooling into the images!  I never thought I'd make this mistake, but in all the excitement I totally forgot about the clear film. -_-

Okay, so I'm just going to warn you again that this was my first attempt at stamping ever before I show you my results. -_-

I know it's mediocre, so you can stop laughing lol.  I'm still trying to get the hang of it.  I used Wet n Wild French White Creme and Rimmel Stiletto Red for both the bases and for stamping.  French White Creme was okay, but Rimmel Stiletto Red works well for stamping despite what my results may show.  I might have to buy Sally Hansen's Insta Dri white.  I think that one works better?

All in all, I found that the plate itself did work well.  I just had problems transferring the image onto the small stamper, which was definitely user/beginner error.  So, yes I would recommend this kit, especially for the low price of $3.88.  Did I mention that shipping is free worldwide and that no minimum order is required?  You can also use my 10% off code!

Born Pretty will also sponsor a giveaway on my blog, if more than 10 people use this code! ;)

Alright all you stamping gurus, tell me your secrets! :P  I obviously need help.  If you have any tips or tricks, please leave them as a comment below!  I'll try do a more creative mani with this plate once I get good at it. :)

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  1. Excellent prices and thanks for the discount! It seems like everyone who does any nail art posts have these stampers now, and seen as I post a fair few I definitely need these :)



  2. hehe I did the same thing with I received a stamping plate with plastic cover for the first time (and it had to be clear of course). I was about to throw them away coz i assumed they were cheap and well just didn't work. Luckily I didn't, it wasn't until i recieved my first bundle monster and noticed the protective cover (cos it's an obviously blue!). Felt so silly and had a good laugh at myself after my revelation :P

  3. I've also tried stamping without removing the protective film :D
    I think my best tip about stamping is to work fairly quick so the polish doesn't dry on the plate while you work.
    And then to find some good stamping polishes. Sally Hansen's Insta Dri white polish gets praised quite a lot amongst other bloggers. Until now I've been using Konad's white stamping polish, which works great. :)

  4. i received this plate free as a promotion (as i am sure many others did, too) and yesterday i decided to actually use it, i had an aquamarine color on my nails and i was going to use the dolphin image...well i peeled off the film, put some polish on there, scraped, went to pick up the image...nothing. cleaned it off, tried again. nothing. I tried three different polishes and none of them worked, it was like the INSTANT i scraped, the polish dried. the polishes i tried were pretty thick, too. it made me so sad.


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