Monday, August 11, 2014

[Review+Swatch] China Glaze No Way Jose

Hi, it's Monday again! I felt like swatching some untrieds, so I decided to swatch this beauty from China Glaze: No Way Jose. It's an older discontinued shade, but a few years ago it popped up on Evilbay for around retail price. I finally swatched it - so enjoy! :)

No Way Jose, 3 coats: cool-toned purple with glass flecks. China Glaze was pretty popular for their glass fleck polishes. This one proved to be no different with its sparkling shimmer. It's a little sheer, but builds up nicely without any problems. The only thing is, it's much too cool for my skin and doesn't flatter me. I like it enough that I'd still wear it anyway.

Verdict: If you're warm-toned, this won't be the most flattering shade on you. But if you're cool-toned, you'll love rocking this color on your tips! It has a great formula and applies easily. I did find it a tiny bit stinky though. I believe it's from before China Glaze went 3-free.

Availability: You can still grab it on Evilbay if you like it. This listing has it priced at $8.95 per bottle with free shipping (not affiliated).

Until next time!
♥ Liz

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