Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Nail Art] MoYou London Tropical 05

Hi everyone! Today I have some bright and colorful nail art to share with you. I'm clearly not ready to let summer go - I want it to be warm again!

Polishes I Used
OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid (green)
OPI Suzi Has A Swede Tooth (pink)
OPI Can't Afjord Not To (orange)
OPI OPI With A Nice Finnish (gold)
Urban Outfitters UV (yellow)
Milani Digital (pink holo)
Milani 3D (gold holo)
Milani White On The Spot 
Milani Black Swift

I'll admit it's not my best stamping/coloring job, but the bright colors make me happy. I'll do a better job next time! :)

If you like this mani, you can recreate it using the MoYou London Tropical 05 plate. It's available on moyou.co.uk for £4.99 (~8.50 USD).


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