Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love, beauty, peach, and cocoa

It's almost the weekend! :)

While I was at Forever21, I picked up two polishes in peach and cocoa.  I mostly bought them for the bottles, because who doesn't love leopard prints?  I wish Love & Beauty would change their polish bottles to this, because I would buy them all.

This one is called Georgia Peach.  Love & Beauty doesn't really name their polishes.  Instead they give them rather ordinary color labels, that may or may not be accurate.  This one was really an orange in disguise.  It's kind of sheer, I'm wearing four coats here to cover my VNL.  If you don't have long nails, 2 coats should be fine.  It has a lot of fine silver and peach glitter.  The silver glitter reminds me of the metallic gel pens I used to use in middle school.  It's also hard to remove if you're using normal nail polish remover.  The polish comes off in gluey clumps and the glitter gets everywhere, giving you the Edward Cullen syndrome.  I didn't like this one because of removal, and the orange wasn't flattering for my skin tone.

This is two coats of Warm Cocoa.  This is my first time trying Love & Beauty, so the peach gave me a rather disappointing first impression of this nail line.  However, Warm Cocoa was able to redeem it.  The formula was good and the color is so rich and delicious.  I would say this color is a perfect representation of a warm cup of cocoa.  The finish was smooth and shiny, and the shimmer subtle.  Yum.

You can buy these at Forever21 (in store or online) for $2.80 each.

As you can see I've been playing around with the watermark.  I don't think anyone would steal my pictures at this point in my blogging career, but I like doing it. :P  So you'll see those on my pictures from now on. :)

Also there are a few giveaways going on if you want to check those out.  Here are the links:
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  1. Cute Im mad because I didnt see none of these when I went to Foever 21 it sucks!
    But Im also having giveaway if you'd like to check it out

  2. @Skyla91 Thanks for commenting! :)

    I'll definitely check out the giveaway. As for the polishes, they were in these little baskets at the one I went to. I think they're worth checking out. Chloe's Nails also posted some swatches. Here's the link:


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