Friday, April 1, 2011

Misa- Genie in This Bottle

Yay it's finally the weekend!  I have so many polishes to show you, so I might start posting more than one a day this weekend.  The swatches I've been showing you lately were from last week, when I couldn't upload them.  Since then I've swatched a bit more, so I want to be up to date on my pictures.  That way I can show you my NOTDs.  :)

Today I present you with Misa's Genie in This Bottle.  This is my first Misa polish and I'm hooked.  Genie in This Bottle is a pale gray base with pretty purplish pink shimmer.  It's really gorgeous in the sunlight.  I've done gold tips with this polish  before and it looked so angelic.  (I'll try to do it again and post it sometime.)  The application for this polish was excellent, and even though it's light it was pretty opaque in two coats.  All my swatches are two coats and you can see VNL, but I personally like it because it kind of looks like a french.  If you don't want VNL, I'm guessing 3 coats will be sufficient.

And finally, here are a couple more giveaways:
Lovin Nailz

Enjoy your Friday!


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