Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Nail Design

This was inspired by Here Comes the Sun's butterfly post.  She followed the tutorial done by Deez Nailz, so I referred to that to do this design.  This was my first attempt and I was pretty pleased, but too tired to do all of my nails, or even an accent nail on my left hand.  I have no confidence in drawing this design with my left hand (I'm right handed).  Maybe once I get some thin brushes.  I drew mine with a regular polish brush and I thought I had relatively clean lines, but the camera is so unforgiving.

I used CG First Mate as the base color than sponged on CG Techno Teal and CG Starboard in adjacent diagonals across the nail.  For the black I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, then finished the design with white dots using Milani Nail Art polish in white.  For the top coat, I used one coat of Seche Vite.

What are those white specks? -_- 

If you were to use one color for this design, I'd definitely recommend using either a holographic or glittery polish since they really stand out.  What do you think?  I'd definitely do it again once I get a thin brush. :)

P.S.  Sorry about the quality of these pictures.  I don't know what those white specks are...dust maybe?  Hopefully no more of those in the future. 



  1. oh this turned out really nice, you should do all of them next time you have more time!!

  2. they look amazing~~~im always afraid of wear solid colours cuz i suck at applyin them properly~~~but they look so good on you

  3. looks wonderful! great art job :D

  4. Looks great! First Mate is such an awesome color.

  5. its beautiful - I tried with a small thin brush and black acrylic paint from the dollar store but had better luck with a black striping polish. ♥

  6. This is beautiful! I love those colors together!

  7. I love it! I want to try something brighter and with more glitter next time I try this, I like how your's turned out. Also, thanks for linking me ;) It's always nice to see extra traffic on my blog!!!


  8. OMG I love this!!! also I'm your new follower, I have a nail art blog at

    keep up the good work girl! This is crazy good@


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