Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Skin Food Grape Milk and a Newspaper mani :)

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Here it is: Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail in Grape Milk.  2 coats.  Smooth, creamy, and shiny deliciousness.

So okay, it's not exactly pink.  It's more of a pink-toned lilac...but still somewhat pink.  Right?  I got this one when I was in Korea.  The formula was a bit thick when I got it, which was weird because the turquoise one I got with it, Ocean milk, has an amazing formula.  I added about 4 drops of nail polish thinner and now I just adore it.

Here's a story about nail polish thinner.  Buy it!  Especially if you have a lot of polish, you're going to need it eventually as your older polishes evaporate and thicken up.  Never add nail polish remover to thin your polish.  It's bad in the long run because it'll ruin your polish!  The one I use is Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner, which I bought from Sally Beauty Supply.  It costs $3.99.  $3.49 if you have a Beauty Club card.  I also suggest you use a dropper to add the thinner to your polish, since the thinner will leak onto its cap sometimes.  It doesn't cost much and will last a long time.  I've used mine quite a bit and it still looks full.

Anyway, that's my spiel on nail polish thinner.  Back to Grape Milk!

I believe I bought this for around $2, so what's not to love?  The bottle is also a cute baby bottle.  I kind of regret not having bought more.  Sigh...why wasn't I as into nail polish back then?  Which reminds me, I have a pretty Nfu Oh flakie polish coming up soon.  Expect great things. :)

After a day with this polish, I wanted to do something new with my nails but not remove the pretty color, so here's what I did.
Newspaper Mani!
Pretty cool.  This was inspired by one of the nail bloggers I follow, only I follow so many I forgot who it was.  If you know it's you (I commented on your post) or know who it is, let me know so I can give credit.  Since I couldn't link her, I did look for a site with instructions. You can look at it here or read on :)

Here's what you do.  First cut out 10 squares of newspaper.  Take your time and be creative!  Look for cute designs, large print, cartoon strips, etc to decorate your nails with.
I used mainly text, but also used an ad with cute stars, and sudoku and word cross puzzle answers (they're smaller) to make my nails more interesting.  Next, add some rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad.  Place the newspaper down onto your nails with the print against your nail and press the alcohol soaked cotton firmly on the newspaper.  Make sure you take your time and press hard so that the print comes off onto the nail.  Also make sure you don't accidentally move the newspaper, or else you might smudge the print.  Don't forget to pay attention to which part of the print is going on your nail, especially if your using something other than text.  Peel the newspaper off and you'll get this:

Yay.  Although I didn't get as many stars on my index as I wanted.  Only 1/2 a star. :P

 After you're done, seal the print in with your favorite top coat.  I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

After your top coat is thoroughly dry, use some one of your alcohol soaked cottons to clean the print off your skin (if you got any on you like I did.) 

Ta da!
Word cross puzzle answer key on my middle nail :P

Sudoku answer key on my thumb ^ ^

I think this is a cute, easy way to decorate your nails.  What do you think?  Also let me know if you do this mani by posting your link in the comment section!  I want to see them :)



  1. I'm loving the colour, and the prints! Great technique, thanks for sharing

  2. I am so excited! I love this technique. I plan on doing one myself and will most defiantly link to your post as my inspiration.

  3. thank you so much for this post! i learned something new <3

  4. @MSodapop: No problem :) Glad you liked it!


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