Saturday, April 23, 2011

Essie Coat Azure

Coat Azure is from the Essie spring collection, French Affair.  It's a dusty but bright sky blue with shimmer.  I always dismissed the shimmer as being white, but I'm also seeing pink and green!  Mine was a bit thick and gloopy so I did add some polish thinner to it.  This is two coats.

Click and magnify to see shimmer :)

I added Milani Gems to it, adding more near the tips for some pizzazz.  Unfortunately, as much as I love glitter, I also have glitterphobia *gasp.*  Yes, I love you glitter, but I can't be committed.  A long term relationship is not for us.  Basically, I hate removing glitter.  It's so clingy!  What I need is pure acetone polish remover.  Until then...I tend to shy away from glitter.  Especially since I change my polish every day.  So...I freaked out and removed this after taking the pics. ^^;;

Hmm... I don't know why the glitter pics gave the blue a nasty vinyl shine.  Don't like it :/  Anyway, does anyone else have a love-hate relationship with glitter?  :P



  1. You need one of those glitter remover pots, just dip your finger in, twist it around the sponge and it comes right off. Sally Hansen do a good one. I like glitter, it's so pretty and doesn't chip within five minutes like many other polishes on me.

  2. This is a very pretty baby blue hello lemming! I know what u mean about glitter I adore it but often find myself not wanting to use it for the simple fact I'm
    Committing myself to taking it off later lol.

  3. @The Student's Guide to Nail Polish: Oh I've never seen those before. I'll definitely go look for one of those. Thanks for the info :)

    @BeauxsMom: I know it takes me forever to take it off, but they're so pretty. ^^

  4. I also have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I love wearing it but hate the grittiness and the removal although the foil method for removal is very helpful (youtube it if you don't know what it is... it'll change your life!!) This is a cute combo!!

  5. @Fiona: I've heard of the foil method, but have yet to do it. I'll definitely do that from now on. Thanks for letting me know. :)


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