Tuesday, April 5, 2011

L.A. Colors - Radiation

Hello all :)

It's very exciting doing this nail blog and seeing the number of followers growing.  I want to thank you all for following me.  It's nice to know people find this little blog interesting.

Today's post is about L.A. Colors!  Last week my boyfriend surprised me with a few polishes that he picked up while he was out.  He got me L.A. Colors Radiation, Wave Length, and Current from the Color Craze collection.  As a new nail polish addict, a lot of brands are new to me, as was this.  All three colors he got me were shimmers and I am very pleased with them.  They are pretty sheer though, but the shimmer is very pretty.  Since I'm not a big fan of having to do four coats to achieve opacity, I like to use these polishes to add some sparkle to my tape manis.

See what I mean?  This is two coats of China Glaze First Mate, a extremely pigmented luscious blue creme that I absolutely adore.  Then I did a diagonal tape mani with Radiation.  Radiation is a light blue that shimmers turquoise and green.  Very pretty.  Unfortunately the camera wasn't picking up the green flash.  I think this is my favorite out of the three, but I haven't done a mani with the other two yet, only swatches.  I've been thinking of layering combinations and have one for Current, so you'll see that when I do it. :)

Oh yeah, this was after I cut (winces) my nails.  If you haven't noticed with the more recent pics, my nails are indeed shorter.  Here's what happened.  I tried to file my nails down into squovals, but my index and middle nails refused to take on square shapes.  So then I tried to round my ring and pinkie nails into ovals, but that wasn't working out too well either.  Eventually, I got frustrated and grabbed the nail clipper.  The result is this: shorter nails, not much difference in nail shape.  I did file them a little since I took this pic, so I'd like to think they're a bit more uniform now.  Cutting them also got rid of the weird inward curve my middle nail was taking on.  This seems to be due to lack of moisture.  You can read about it here: moisturize your nails!

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Well that's it for now!

Come back tomorrow!  I have a pretty cool mani waiting for you, and the post will be picture heavy. ^__^


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