Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoya Sunshine Collection - Rica and Faye

Is today the best Monday or what?  Guess what finally came in the mail today?  The Zoya polishes I bought on BOGO from the spring '11 Sunshine Collection .  And they're so gorgeous!  I'm actually still not up to date on my posts, but I had to skip them to show you this! 

Meet Rica (coral) & Faye (purple)!

Are they not gorgeous?  As soon as it came in the mail, I ripped it open and sat in awe of the swirling colors in their bottles.  Then I quickly removed my existing nail color from two of my fingers and swatched them.  This is two coats!

Gah...look at that gorgeousness in the bottle!
I had trouble deciding which one to use for my new mani first and ended up leaving it to fate and picking without looking.  So here's Rica!  I promise I'll get to Faye next soon!

Rica has a pretty pink base that is a tiny bit sheer.  I used two coats for my mani.  If you look really close you can see my VNL, but it's not apparent enough for me to be bothered.  If you want it to be completely opaque, three coats should do it.  But honestly, two coats is fine!  Rica is also full of gorgeous coral, orange, and gold shimmer!  Application was perfect.  It dries fast enough to put a second coat on without much waiting, but not fast enough that it turns gloopy before you cover the entire nail.  I'm the type that likes to take my time shaping it near the cuticle, since I don't do any clean-up.  (I will once I get a brush.)  Overall, I'm totally enamored of her.  Indulge in these pretty pics :)

I shed some LED light on it so you can see the base color better.  See the pink?  So pretty!

Have you bought any polishes from the Zoya Sunshine collection?  Love it, hate it?  Let me know! :)


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