Sunday, April 24, 2011

NOTD: Easter Mani!

Happy Easter everyone! 
Since I don't have Konad or great free hand painting skills, my mani is really simple, but I hope you guys still enjoy it. :)

This is For Audrey, the infamous Tiffany blue look alike.  It's actually kind of darker on the nail than it is in the bottle, but very pretty.  Mine was a little gloopy, so I added some polish thinner.  Overall, this went on well, smooth and creamy, and leveled out on its own.  This is two coats.

To make it more festive and Easter-y, I did a french tip using Milani Gems.

Just pretend that stray glitter on my ring finger isn't there.  I tried to get it out, but consequently drove it in deeper, so now it won't budge. -_-;;

This pic is closest to the real color.

I still have this on my nails and I think it's cute.  It kind of reminds me of cupcakes, so I might do a cupcake mani once I get the glitter off my nails! >.<

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday! :)



  1. really cute! I can see cupcakes from the glitter, that'd be yummy!

  2. Very pretty! For Audrey is one of my favs of all time ;)

  3. IF you're having problems getting glitter off your nails, use the foil method if you haven't already! Works like a charm for me :)

  4. @Amanda: I actually did use the foil method to remove the glitter from my nails for this mani. It was amazing! I don't know why I didn't do it earlier. Thanks for letting me know though. :)


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