Monday, April 11, 2011

NFU Oh #53 - Like mermaids, summer, oceans, and sunsets

Gah NFU Oh flakies!  One of my friends went to Korea for spring break, so I asked him if he could pick up some NFU Ohs while he was there.  Yes, he.  NFU Oh is a line of nail polish created by a Korean nail artist, so I figured it might be cheaper in Korea.  It was 14,000 won, so it was actually around $12.50.  The plus was  I didn't have to pay for shipping.

Apparently it is the girliest store within the vicinity of a couple ridden city.  Now that I think about it, I remember walking past this store, which was why the name sounded so familiar to me.  Alas, I never set foot in it because it is the girliest looking store ever!  >.<  Sigh, again I wish I had been more into nail polish then (like almost 2 years ago).  Thankfully, my friend was brave enough to enter the store.  I asked him to pick up 51, 52, and/or 53 for me.  Unfortunately, 51 and 52 were sold out!  They really are popular.  He was able to get 53 for me, so here it is!

NFU Oh #53!  Isn't it just lovely?  *swoons*  This is the first polish that literally made my heart skip a beat when I saw it.  It's so gorgeous and I adore the cute bottle shaped like a bustier and skirt.  I just wish they'd name their polishes!  Oh and it's 17ml instead of the standard 15ml.  Yay :)  53 is a watery light blue with deep blue shimmer that gives it depth.  The flakies are duochrome and shift from pink to green.  The formula and drying time was excellent.  It is sheer.  Here I'm wearing it alone and with 4 coats it's still sheer.  I actually don't mind because the base color is so lovely, and the VNL kinda looks like a watery gradient.  Makes me want to be lounge around on a deck somewhere, sipping something cold and yummy while I watch the sun set below the cool blue ocean.  It doesn't help that it was in the 80s today either. :P

Blue shimmer!

You can see the flakies better in the shade.  See that delicious rainbowy-ness?  Wish I had a matte polish! 

Amazing, right? I had such a hard time picking pics.  Here it is layered over China Glaze First Mate.  1 coat of each.  The blue of First Mate really brought out the blue shimmer in 53 and made it glow.  I'd still like to look for a light blue polish to layer under - one that enhances the base color and keeps the watery jelly-like look.  Any suggestions?  Oh and the base blue is such a color shifter- shifting from light/mermaid blue to blue to periwinkle.  *love*

What do you think?  Overall, I'm a new fan of NFU Oh.  Can't wait to try out their holos and other flakies!  If you're not near a store, you can buy NFU Oh polishes at Fabulous Street.


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  1. Very, very awesome. I'm incredibly jealous! Such a stunning polish!,

  2. ohhhh nice. i have 52 and 55, but now feel like I need this too

  3. Ooooh, this is so lovely, I am insanely jealous! I need some good quality flakies!

    The base color looks a lot like Sinful Colors Love Nails (at least in your pictures) so you could try that for layering under. Love Nails is still a little sheer and jelly-like and shimmer-y and changes colors (its an awesome polish overall) and its like $2!! You should try it!

  4. This is stunning! I don't have any of their polishes, but they are high up on my list of lemmings!

    Thanks for mentioning my giveaway :)

  5. @Fiona Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely try layering it over Love Nails next. :)

    @OnceBitten No problem ^^ And these flakies are definitely worth getting!

  6. Where in Korea did you buy these nail polishes. I really want to buy some polishes for my friend. She really wants Nfu Ohs.

  7. @absentspectator: I had my friend buy these for me, so I'm not sure where exactly he bought them at. But I remember him telling me he bought it at a district next to 이화 (Ee-hwa), so there were a lot of stores for women and couples. You can always try looking on their site for stores: I skimmed through it, but wasn't sure if they had a store locator. I hope this helps! I'm sure your friend will love the Nfu Ohs. :)


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