Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wet n Wild - Gray's Anatomy

Hope everyone's Saturday is going well.  This is my first post for today, and I'll be posting another one before the day ends.

Here's Wet n Wild's Gray's Anatomy.  It's a silvery duochrome of predominantly purple and green, but also blue.  It's a bit sheer, so I used 3 coats for these swatches.  Application was pretty good and dry time was fast.  It's fastdry, so it should be... right?  I assess dry time by if the polish is dry enough to allow me to put on a second coat after finishing my first coat on the other hand.  I didn't have any problems, so dry time is at least normal. 

Apparently this a dupe for Deborah Lippman's Wicked Game.  I don't own Wicked Game so I can't do a comparison, but Scrangie did one and you can see it here.  The duochrome effect is most visible under low light, but you're nails will shift from purple to green depending on the angle the light hits it.  Overall, I think this is a nice polish, and a much cheaper alternative if you don't want to spend $16-18 on Wicked Game.

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Well, that's it for now.
Don't forget to check back later for the second post. :)


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