Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Victoria's Secret Lover

It's Wednesday!  Half way through the week already.  Wow the weather has been so nice this week- warm and sunny.  Perfect for taking pictures ^^  I'm dreading the temperature drop next week though.  I want it to stay warm!

This is my second On Wednesdays We Wear Pink post, and I've decided to show you Lover by Victoria's Secret.

This is one of my first polishes, which I bought back in 2008.  It's a cool blue-toned pink with a silvery, blue/purple shimmer.  This is a one coater, but I'm wearing two for my swatches.  The formula was great back in 2008, but now it was kind of gloopy so I added some thinner to it.  Now it's good as new.  :)

I own one other polish from VS that I bought with this one.  These two are the only polishes I have from Victoria's Secret.  I'm not sure what kind of polishes are out on the market right now.  I should drop by sometime and see if there's anything interesting.

Do you own any polishes from VS?



  1. Hey I am a new follower! I saw your comment on another blog and that you are a new polish blogger. I am also a new polish blogger and wanted to share my blog with you!

    Now on to this mani, I must live in a bubble because I didn't even know VS made nail polish lol. Is the polish expensive like the rest of the makeup in VS?

  2. @Jess Hi! Thanks for following :) I swear I saw PINK polishes online about a month ago, but they're not there anymore. I'm guessing it's a seasonal thing then. I bought mine for $5 each and they're 9ml.

    I just checked out your site and I love your nail art! Enjoy your blogging experience.^^


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