Thursday, May 5, 2011

NOTD & Update

Hi!  Sorry I haven't updated in like a week, and I missed Pink Wednesday too! :(  May is not a fun time for a college student. *sigh*  Thought I'd just share what I've been up to (besides finals and 12 page papers), so I guess this post will have more of a personal touch.

Last Tuesday was the 100th day anniversary for me and my bf, so he sent me flowers!  This wasn't the first time, but it was the biggest yet, so I was pleasantly surprised. ^^

Too pretty
He also got me OPI Teenage Dream and Black Shatter, which I've been lemming.  I know I didn't run out and get those when they came out, but I've been meaning to.  I'm currently wearing this combo right now, because it actually came in the mail today.  It was supposed to come last Tuesday, but there were some problems with shipping.  So I'm actually getting another set free!  Not sure if I'll be swapping those or giving them away.  We shall see. ;)

These were taken in weak, indirect sunlight coming in through the window, so they're not the best pics.  I'll snap more pics outside tomorrow to show you the amazing holo and glitter.  I also should've done another coat of Teenage Dream, but I was too excited and wanted to see it with the shatter right away.  Doesn't look nearly as sheer in person though.

The day after our anniversary was his birthday, so I made a surprise late night meal for him.  I'd post pics, but I forget to take pics after plating it.  Basically, I made kimchi fried rice rolls wrapped in bacon, whisked egg rolls, and some veggies on the side.  I made this off the top of my head, so I was glad they were edible.  The bf said they were good, but who knows. :P

Since we couldn't really celebrate our anniversary and his bday, he celebrated this past Sunday.  I treated him to a late birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant.  We had soup, salad, duck spring rolls, and sushi, which was pretty good since we're in the middle of cornfields. -_-

Yes, that's my bf's arm.  He didn't want to be in the pic. ^^;

For this dinner, I went with the less conventional date shade...grey/silver.  I did think about wearing some thing pink and red, but settled on this.  It's $OPI If You've Got It, Haunt It, which was the first polish the bf has bought me.  He likes it when I wear it, so I chose it over the pinks.

So, that's all the fun stuff that's been happening in my life in a nutshell.  Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more, especially during the weekend.  After that I might be MIA again, since it's finals week for me.

Anyhow, sorry there wasn't much nail stuff in this post.  But I hope you enjoyed this more personal post too.  I'll be reviewing the $OPI and OPI polishes featured in this post in more detail tomorrow, so don't forget to drop by! :)



  1. Happy anniversary to you two! And good luck for your exams!I've been missing your posts ;)

  2. Aw, happy anniversary to you guys! I love the Katy Perry mani!! Thats so sweet that he buys you polish!
    Good luck on your exams, I'll have to be MIA as well in 2 weeks when its my exams. You're right, May is not a fun time for a college student :(

  3. @Cristina: Thanks! I'll definitely try to post during the weekend more. I'm hoping to get some posts done beforehand and have them timed to post automatically throughout the week. ^^

    @Fiona: Thanks! :) Hehe, he knows how much I adore nail polish so he buys them for me a lot. And good luck on your exams when you have them!

  4. AWWW, SO CUTE :)

    Hm, wonder if I should try steering my guy to doing similar for our "official" 2 mos anniversary...XD

    Hahah, "kimchi fried rice rolls wrapped in bacon" sounds both...awesome and/or gross? IDK. Definitely different.

  5. Pretty flowers and nice manis! I am so jealous of the sushi!


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