Monday, May 16, 2011

BYS Color Change Part 1: The Glitters

This is my first time trying BYS, so I was super excited, especially since they change color!  I know Claire's has mood polishes as well, but for some reason I wasn't inclined to buy them when I saw them in store.  I believe BYS polishes are only sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Here are the glitters from the four BYS Color Change polishes I got in a recent swap.  I'll show you the two non glitters tomorrow. :)

This is 3 coats of Glitter Purple.  I didn't notice in person, but it does still look a bit sheer in the picture.  In person I thought it covered well and evenly with the third coat.  These are a little tricky to apply, since they go on dark.  I noticed they turn more sheer when they turn into the light warm color.  This picture shows it cold and below you can see it when it's warm.

My fingers were cold, so I had to run them under warm water.  As you can see the tips were turning back to purple.  These polishes are so fun especially if you have long nails!  Look below.  It makes an easy french, which is how I like it. :)  I really loved this color combo.  The colors were so soft and pretty.

This next one is Glitter Blue.  Since the color change is between two shades of blue, the change is a little less noticeable than Glitter Purple.  But I definitely did see noticeable difference.  This one reminded me of an early morning sky.  I think it'd look superb with a cute flower print sundress.

warm (light) and cold (dark tips)
somewhere in between
I don't have a warm pic of this one, but you can clearly see the difference between warm and cold in the second pic.  I also noticed this was sheerer than Glitter Purple when it turned warm.   I would recommend at least 4 coats for this one.  I don't know if it was because it was because it was sheer, but the color also seemed to dry less evenly.  I also had trouble with drying time.  Even after an hour and Seche Vite this wasn't completely dry.  I know because one of my fingers pressed into some laundry I was carrying up and it created a wrinkle!  Otherwise, I enjoyed the colors on this one as well.

All of these pictures were taken with top coat.  These dry matte, so I highly recommend a top coat.  Since they dry a bit slow, they easily dent- so a top coat is a must.

I can't wait to show you the second part, since it has my favorite from the four!  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see which one it is. :)

Until then,



  1. I had so much fun when I wore these colours. My class kept checking my nails to see if I was hot or cold! I'm so glad you like them :)

  2. Such great and unusual colours!!!
    Oh, I'd love to have some of those changing colour polishes, but in France you can't find any (Claire's yes, but not the "Moods")...*sigh*...

  3. @ame: That's cute how your class is interested in your polish. I can picture the girls circled around your desk. :P

    @Cristina: Oh that's weird how the same brand doesn't have the same stuff in other countries. Wish they wouldn't do that!

  4. Oh wow I love this, I love Mood polishes (too bad our Claires in Holland did not sell the Claire's Moodies but luckily I bought some on Ebay ;)) But these fromm BYS look great too (have to close my eyes beacuse I want them hahaha)


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