Sunday, May 29, 2011

NOTD: Rain, Rain, Go Away

It hasn't been that sunny these past few days, so I haven't really been swatching much.  My pictures don't come out that great unless I have plenty of natural lighting. :/  Today was no exception.  It's dark and gloomy out and earlier there was a crazy downpour of rain.  In hopes of sunnier days, I did a mani that I hope would appeal to the weather gods. :P

I wanted to do an ombre mani, but didn't have enough similar blues.  So I tried my best to lighten some colors with glitter. :P  See how the sky and clouds "gradually" get lighter. :)  On my pinky I drew a nice summery sun.  On my ring finger (third from the right), I used BYS Color Change Royal Blue.  It's actually really nice because it changes lighter or darker, so depending on my temp it gives the ombre a different transition in color.  My favorite is when it's darker toward the tips, cause then it's like the sky is turning lighter...quite literally.

With flash
Here's a complete list of polishes I used for this mani: China Glaze First Mate, BYS Color Change Royal Blue, Essie Coat Azure, Sally Hansen Gray by Gray, Revlon Cloud, Revlon Sheer Cotton, Hard Candy Hick, Sinful Colors Hottie, SC Unicorn, LA Colors Wave Length, Milani Nail Art white.  If you look closely in the flash pic, you might notice a very subtle pink shimmer.  That's from Hard Candy Hick, which I'll review once it gets sunnier.

Hopefully you guys are experiencing better weather!  Max and I are so ready for some more sun.

That window needs some cleaning...


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  1. I LOVE your design!!! And your puppy's face simply says it all lol

  2. That is the cutest mani!!! Perfect for your (icky) weather. I'm sorry it was terrible weather there. In Orlando, we were supposed to have rain all weekend; we had none.

  3. This is so gorgeous!
    And I love the picture of the puppy...poor thing, he looks like he wants to go outside.

  4. super cute! It looks like the weather forecast on the news! :D

  5. This is really cute manicure!

  6. Wow!!! It's beautiful and so inspired!

    And the dog... OMG! I'm totally melting! :)Poor thing! He's just adorable!!!

  7. adorable and creative you are for coming up with this nail art!

    Yesterday, it was raining a bit and we got thunder and lightning. I don't mind this weather (because it relaxes me)...but my hair hates it! Frizz City...haha!
    - Mary

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Today it was really sunny so Max got to run around outside. :)

  9. Wa~ that's so original and pretty!

  10. SparklysharpfabulousMarch 2, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    I’ve featured your beautiful nail art design on my recent post “50+ Spring & Easter Nail Art Ideas & Inspiration” here:

    I can’t wait to see what you make next! If you create any more looks like this that you think fall into the Spring and or Easter category, post links on my Facebook wall or comment on the post and I’ll add them and the links in the post! Keep up the great work!


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