Monday, May 23, 2011

China Glaze Blue Iguana

Here's a short post!  Enjoy :)

Blue Iguana is a bright cerulean blue with shimmer.  The shimmer has a very slight pink duochrome to it that shows up at certain angles.  The pink is really pretty so I wish it would show up better.  You can't really see it on the nail, but if you look at the bottom rim of the bottle you can see what the pink shimmer looks like.  Although the blue is extremely pigmented, this is very sheer.  I'm wearing four coats here and you can still see VNL.  The formula seems a little gloopy-ish(?), but I had no problems with application.  Blue Iguana also reminds me of kid's toothpaste. :P  I don't mean that in a bad way though.  If you have kids or young siblings you might know.  I forgot what brand but there's a kid's toothpaste that's this color blue and shimmery, even this kind of jelly-ish finish.  I don't know...maybe I'm weird. :P  Wait...that's not a maybe...

Oh yeah, this will stain your nails so base coat is a must!  It'll also stain your fingers when you remove it. :/  So that quickly brought my swatching session to a halt.  But it's prettier than I expected it to be, so I'm glad I got it. :)

Anyway, that's it for now!



  1. Such a beautiful polish!
    I think I may purchase 2 or 3 polishes from the China Glaze summer collection... Blue Iguana is going to be one of them!


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