Thursday, May 19, 2011

Liebster Blog Love

Liquid Jelly was tagged with Liebster Blog <3 by Amy from Gotham Polish!  Thank you Amy!  If you're not following Gotham Polish, well why aren't you?  Be sure to check it out for fabulous reviews, swatches, and fun pics and posts!

The Liebster Blog <3 is to be passed onto 3 bloggers with fewer than 300 followers.  These are great blogs and definitely deserve more attention.  I'd like to tag:
Nightly Nails

Also if you look under my profile you'll see some new buttons.  So if you'd like, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  :) I just made my Facebook page, so it is a bit empty, but I'll be updating that regularly from now on.

Thanks everyone for following me so far!  I appreciate all your lovely comments and messages. :)



  1. following on facebook and twitter now!

  2. I don't have any twitter or Facebook account, so can't follow you there... But I'm following you here, hope it counts ;)

    And also, this reminds me that I've been tagged for this award too, a week ago by Ruxi, and forgot to put it on my blog!!! I'm gonna do it right now :P

  3. Thank you so much I feel soo honored <3
    I'm not really familiar with facebook but I liked your page :) Don't have any twitter but I do follow you here and putted you on my blogroll :)
    Thanks again for the award It means a lot to me.


  4. @theartofnails: Thank you! I followed you back on both. :)

    @Cristina: It's okay :) I'm just glad I got to know you here, and I love reading all your comments. :D

    @Diana: No problem! Thanks for following me and putting me on your blogroll. :)

  5. @GothamPolish: Thanks for liking my page! :)


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