Sunday, May 15, 2011

Galaxy Nails: An Explosive Combination :)


I'm finally back at home after a grueling finals week.  After some vigorous packing, moving all my things out, a 3 hour drive back home, and a good night's sleep- I'm up for some major posting.  I also have so many polishes to show you!  I had a lot of polish packages sent home, just in case they didn't come to my dorm before I moved out.  I have a giveaway I won, a swap package, and a Ozotics I purchased waiting to be swatched.  That's 18 polishes in all, not including the ones I purchased in store, and I still have the 10 polishes I recently won from another giveaway on its way to me.  It's going to be a great month! :)

And here's finally the long awaited galaxy nails post.  Here's the un-cropped pic from the teaser.

If you guessed Nfu Oh, you were right!  Here's what I did, I applied two coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black as my base.  Then I applied 2 thin coats of Sinful Colors Hottie.  Hottie is a glitter polish with a clear blue base.  Actually when I purchased it, my bf said it's like your Nfu Oh, at which I vehemently shook my head and said, "No way! Nfu Oh is a flakie! This is glitter."  He probably thought I was crazy, but that gave me the idea of pairing them together.  First here's a pic with just Hottie over black.

I think Hottie has been compared a lot to OPI Last Friday Night, but I'm not sure if they are dupes.  This had a lot of blue/green and orange/gold glitter.  There's a lot of glitter, so actually one thick coat should be enough.  I just used a thin second coat to get some of the edges I missed.  You should make sure the black has been covered sufficiently.  Next, I added a coat of Nfu Oh #53.  The dark blue glitter in the polish really added depth and a pretty blue flash.  The flakies also added red and pink into the mass of colors.  Finally, I finished off with two coats of Seche Vite for extra shiny smoothness.  One coat is fine- it won't be bumpy, but the second coat gives it a glassy finish.

And since I talked a lot, I will now picture spam you.  I honestly couldn't pick pics, so  I apologize if you feel they're all the same. -_-

Indoor pic!  Look at all that color!

Indoor Pic

What do you think?  I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. :)
Oh and don't forget to click those pics for some super close-ups!



  1. I might wreck my car if I was wearing this mani becuase I would just stare at them! They are so beautiful! I am such a sucker for flakies! Also congrats on winning those give aways :) Lucky girl!

  2. I'm really loving this! I love Nfu Oh flakies :D

  3. I am so in love with this!! I will have to pick up Hotttie now and maybe Sinful's Red Ocean to look like an awesome Nfu-Oh flakie since I am poor... :)

  4. @Lesley: Thanks!

    @Jess: This mani was definitely distracting! I kept looking at them whenever my hand was in sight...which was pretty much all the time.

    @Lady Scandalous: Thanks :)

    @Fiona: Oh I never knew there was a Sinful Red Ocean. I'll have to check that out. :)


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