Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BYS Color Change Part 2: The Brights

I'm currently wearing Royal Blue!  I was actually going to take it off after snapping some pics to swatch my other polishes, but I liked it so much I'm leaving it on. :P  Royal blue cerulean blue.  This one shows the least amount of difference between warm and cold out of the four I have.  You can pretty much tell by the sticker.  It is more noticeable in person, than in the pictures.  I'm wearing 4 coats here for maximum coverage.

Warm (almost)
Sorry about the little mishap on the ring finger.  My Seche Vite has been giving me some grief lately with bubbles.  It's also a bit thick.  Does anyone know if I can just add polish thinner to it like a regular polish?  I swiped the bubbles off with the brush and added a second coat of Seche Vite.  Unfortunately it didn't get rid of the swipe mark, but it did make the color extra shiny. :)

This color was also a bit hard to capture.  It's a bit more darker and cerulean than the picture shows.  The pictures are pretty close though.  I don't think I had problems with drying time with this one.  However, adding more coats means it will take more for the color to change.  With two coats, the change is more immediate, but it'll be sheer and uneven.

 This is Bright Purple!  I wore this one all day yesterday and is clearly my favorite from the bunch.  This one takes a while to dry, but I love love love the colors on this one.  Especially when it's pink!  Which is saying a lot because I'm not really a pink person. :P  3 coats here.  Sorry about tip wear, I swear I covered them.  :/

Now that I don't have to travel down 7 stories to take pics outside, I'll be taking more pictures outside in direct sunlight.  Rather than at the window like I've been doing.  The trees at home were blossoming with flowers, so I took some pics with them. :)  And a pic of the color change:

purple (cold) and pink (warm)
Is it not absolutely gorgeous?  I adore this pink!  It kind of reminds me of the pictures I've seen of Cult Nails Devious Nature, which I really really really want.  But may not be able to get. *sigh*

Overall, I really enjoyed these polishes.  There wasn't one color I didn't like.  Bright Purple was my favorite, followed by Royal Blue.  I'm just partial to bright bold colors.  In terms of color change, the purple were the most obvious.  I'll definitely be wearing these a lot, especially when it gets warmer. :)

Thanks again to Ame who sent me these. :)



  1. gorgeous colors! color changing is so funn

  2. @Olivia: They are :) I'm actually considering getting some of Claire's mood polishes, if they're still around.

  3. these look great!! I don't own any mood polishes but I would love to!

  4. I love mood polishes.

    In the Mood http://www.themoodpolish.com/Fingernail-Polish-Mood-Changing-Products.php has some really nice colors too. But I was sad because I read they don't ship to Holland (later they said they did) But I already ordered some via a Dutch store which buys on request, so I'm wiating for 4 of them :)


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