Sunday, May 22, 2011

NOTD: Pink Leopard Print Nails

Hey all :)

I just wanted to show you what I'm wearing today. :)  I've seen a lot of leopard manis these days, so I decided to try my hand at it.  How do you think I did?

My mom bought me a few polishes at Ulta yesterday.  So when I got home, I got to cross 5 polishes off my wishlist. :P  And then I was too excited to swatch so I just did a mani. :P  But I'll post swatches of the polishes in the upcoming days. ^^  Curious to see what I got?

I also got a free Orly polish at Ulta!  There's a coupon for it on The Trace Face Philes.  I saw all three colors you can get and they're all pretty!  So definitely go pick that up when you're there next. :)  The polishes I got from Ulta were OPI DS Extravagance, OPI Mermaid's Tears, OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, and Orly It's Up to Blue.  I wanted the silver shatter too, but it wasn't there!  They didn't even have black shatter. o_O  I also picked up China Glaze Seniorita Bonita and Blue Iguana at Sally's.  I really wanted China Glaze 108 Degrees but it was all sold out.  I asked the girl working there when they'd restock but apparently they won't because it's a 1 month thing? D;  Gah...that was the one I wanted most after Seniorita Bonita.  Oh well...hopefully I'll find it somewhere else.

For the leopard mani, I used OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and DS Extravagance for the spots, if you were wondering. :)  And check out that cute bag I got for free at Ulta.  You can't really see it though, because I put the polishes on it and zoomed in. :P

Hope you're all enjoying your Sundays. :)



  1. I love the colors you picked for the leopard design!

  2. I think this is the first time I have seen a pink leopard design and I love it so much!!!

  3. That is SO pretty! Wow, the Extravagance spots are so perfect for it!! :)

    I love your blog, I'm going to follow you now!!

  4. These are awesome! I need to try a leopard mani sometime!


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