Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Franken: The Other Heather

Hey all!

Yesterday was really sunny!  Max got to run around outside, so he was happy little dog.  And while I was outside, I took some pics of this polish.  Meet The Other Heather.  :)

Chubby pinky -_-
Don't mind the white doodles I did.  After taking some pics, I got bored and drew on them because I didn't think I was going to be taking more pictures of it.  But after uploading my pics and seeing that the camera didn't pick up the true color at all, I went back out to give it another try.  And yes, this is a franken made by yours truly.  This was my first time making a franken, and I can understand why people do it.  It's so calming to watch polish (especially glitter) pour into another bottle, and so exciting to shake it up and watch it mix. :)

The Other Heather is a dusty greyple with multicolored shimmer and glitter.  What is a greyple you ask?  A greyple is short for grey blurple (blue-purple).  I just made that up.  No matter how hard I tried to get the true color to show up, I really couldn't.  It's definitely an interesting color.  In some indoor lighting it looks like a grey indigo.  In others it looks dark grey.  Most of the time it looks grey blurple.  Outside in the sunlight, it looks grey purple with some blue undertones.  For the most part, I classify this as being more purple than blue.  The shimmer in here is multicolored, but white and blue are the most dominant.  The pink shimmer seems to be only visible in sunlight.  For the glitter I used mostly Wet n Wild's Party of Five Glitters, but I also added a little bit of Milani Gems.  The polish also contains some blue, green, and yellow micro glitter.  If I were to make this again, I would probably skip adding Pof5 and Gems.  They look a bit random.

And...I talked a lot.  Again.  So here's some picture spam. :)  I recommend clicking on the pics to see the shimmer.  These were all 3 coats, but it was opaque in two.

They should make anti-stick polish bottles.  I hate how the glitters sticks to the sides.  Makes me want to scrape it off!


How'd I do?  My 10 year old brother thought it only looked nice in sunlight.  It does look nicer in sunlight, but I thought the color wasn't too bad.  I think it's surprisingly soft and girly for a dark dusty color.  I may be biased cause I made it though. :P

Oh yeah, and I named it The Other Heather because it reminded me of Heather flowers and Heather grey.  I don't know, I associate the name Heather with grey. -_-  The color is clearly not anything like that of Heather flowers or Heather grey...so it's The Other Heather. :)



  1. I absolutely LOVE this with the random glitters. PRETTY!!!

  2. This franken is AWESOME and your nails look gorgeous at this length and shape =] I'm new to frankening myself and it's NOT easy for me so I'm impressed.

  3. @Janna: Thank you Janna! Frankening definitely takes some practice. I'm glad you liked this one. :)


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