Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Revlon Tulip & Sparkle

Happy Pink Wednesday!  Are you wearing pink?

I thought about wearing China Glaze 108 Degress, but I figured a lot of people have done that for Pink Wednesday, so I decided to go with Revlon Tulip, 3 coats.

I got this in the mail today. :)  This was part of the tea party set I won in a giveaway from Body and Soul.  Thank you Mary!  Please go visit her site, if you haven't.  Her most recent post is about a great deal going on for a nice set of summery Julep polishes!  And here's a pic of the two sets I received.

From left to right: Waterfall, Sparkle, Garden /  Butterfly, Moss, Tulip

Tulip is a bright, almost magenta, pink creme.  My pictures make it look like it's a straight up hot pink, but it's not.  It's bright but darker with some blue in it.  I've noticed that others bloggers had a lot of trouble with application with this one.  I don't know if mine's a different batch, but I really didn't have as much trouble.  Since these are minis, the brush is a bit tiny, and since it dries a bit fast, it can get streaky as a result.  I noticed that with my second coat, so for the third one I made sure I loaded the brush and it went on nice and smooth.  Even if you load the brush with polish, it'll be fine since the brush is so small.  It'll actually help you cover the nail better.  I wanted to see what Sparkle looked like, so I layered a thin coat over Tulip.

Sparkle has a clear base with fine silver glitter and big holo glitter.  With one coat, I was only getting about 1 holo glitter per nail.  Instead of adding more Sparkle, I layered OPI Teenage Dream over it, because the glitter reminded me of it.

As you can see, the glitters in TD are smaller than those in Sparkle.  In the end, I think I prefer Tulip on its own. :P  I'm really not a pink girl, but I'm starting to really like pinks with a bit of blue/ berry tones.  It might be a phase though. :P  The "I really really want Cult Nails Devious Nature but can't get it yet" phase. ^^;

Have you picked up any of Revlon's spring mini sets?


PS. Definitely wear base coat with this one!  It stains. :(


  1. This was my Pink Wednesday pick, too. But you had much better luck with it than I did.

  2. looks pretty!
    i have the 1st set and am loving Waterfall!

  3. i see them all time in the store but not the pretty sparkle one! me likes

  4. wowww your nails are so long and beautiful!!~ I love the final look layering all the colors/glitter~ ^^

  5. @Madeline: I think yours shows the true color better though. My camera's rebelling these days.

    @Wendy: I can't wait to try Waterfall. It looks pretty and I love light blues.

    @Manicured Monkey: You should definitely try it! And the small bottles are so cute. :3

    @mimi: Thanks!^^ My parents keep telling me to cut them, but I don't want to! ;P

  6. What a gorgeous pink, the sparkle is very cool too! (:

  7. What a pink!!! I'm sure the nails wearing this won't pass unnoticed! :D Very, very nice.
    I think I prefer it too without the glitter.


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