Saturday, June 11, 2011

Urban Decay Kiss

Here's a quick post before I go to sleep!

This is my first Urban Decay polish, and I love it!  I wish they had these in the States!  I don't understand why we have Urban Decay cosmetics and Essence polishes, but not all of them.  It's weird how companies do that.  They should sell everything everywhere.  :P  

At first I thought this was going to be a super hot almost red pink, because that's how it looked in the bottle.  But this is definitely a red.  A fiery bright red jelly with magenta shimmer!  And it's so gorgeous in the sun.  The finish has a glossy, wet look that I love.  Kiss is such a perfect name for it. :)  Despite being really pigmented, this was sheer.  At four coats, there was still some VNL, especially indoors.  For the most part, it looked opaque outside.  Enjoy!

I also did this gorgeous nail art on my accent finger today.  I wish I could show you.  I took some pics just in case it doesn't make it till tomorrow, but I'm still waiting for some more sun.  Today was pretty cloudy and tomorrow isn't supposed to be much sunnier.  Hopefully the sun will peek through for at least a few mins so that I can get pics of it in its full sparkling glory.  If you liked my mosaic nail art, I'm sure you'll love this one too!

Until tomorrow,



  1. That really is a great color.. I don't have any UD polishes because I don't have a store that sells them anywhere close and the shipping is SO expensive on them! I hate paying shipping! lol

  2. Oh, this polish looks hot!

    And I love your new layout and color theme!

  3. woww this color is so pretty!! I never knew urban decay made nail polishes O: It look so pretty!!


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