Saturday, June 18, 2011

BYS Wonderland Collection

Minus one.  I got two out of the three in a swap with Ame of GiMiKd Girl!

L to R: Down the Rabbit Hole, Through the Looking Glass
Down the Rabbit Hole is a black jelly base with tons of holographic micro glitter.  This one is really gorgeous in the sun and super sparkly!  I think this was opaque in 3 coats.

Through the Looking Glass has a clear base filled with blue and yellow micro glitter.  This one's apparently a close dupe to OPI's Absolutely Alice.  I think the difference was that Through the Looking Glass had less yellow glitter, which is a shame because it would be perfect with a bit more yellow glitter!  For some reason while I was swatching this, I was determined to get it opaque.  5 coats later it wasn't anywhere near opaque, but I didn't want to take pics of my stained nails.  I noticed China Glaze Blue Iguana is a similar blue to the glitter in here, so I did one coat over the glitter, then another coat of TTLG.  The result?  Amazing!  The blue is a perfect match and you need only one coat as a base.  It actually makes it just look like it's opaque from the blue glitter, not like it has a jelly base.  So I was pleased.  I suggest doing one coat Blue Iguana, than 2-3 coats TTLG. :)

Overall, these two are definite winners!  It makes me kind of wish I got the other one in this collection as well.  The only downside is these stink!  It's not the normal nail polish smell either...for some reason it makes me think of burnt rubber.  It's highly unpleasant.  I checked the ingredients and it says it "may contain polyethylene and terephthalate."  I'm not sure what that means.  I feel like it should be either it has it or it doesn't.  This seems to be true of all the other BYS polishes I own, but none of the others had this smell.  So not sure what that is.  For the most part, it isn't too bad once it's on your nail.

You can buy BYS polishes at Fashion Addict, and I believe they ship internationally as well.  I've never ordered from them, so I'm not sure.  Let me know in the comments if I'm wrong, or if there is a better option!

And here are some more pics. :)

Don't be shy! These pictures are clickable.  You might see the yellow glitter better actually. ;)


  1. I'm going to try Absolutely Alice with Blue Iguana... It really is close to TTLG. I still want these both though!

  2. Wow these are some beautiful polishes. I dont have any BYS polish but I think im going to try to swap for theses

  3. Woahh pretty!!
    I have these in my stash, but haven't tried them yet. Now I want to play with them! n_n

  4. Woah, so gorgeous!! Instant lemming with Down the Rabbit Hole!!

  5. Through the looking glass looks awesome with Blue Iguana. I keep wanting to try it with a gold polish...but I still haven't gotten round to it. Down the Rabbit Hole is awesome, if only they didn't smell!

  6. @thenailaholic: Oh I'd love to see AA with Blue Iguana. Wish I had that one! :P

    @Shadow: You should! I think these are worth owning. :)

    @ChaosButterfly: Can't wait to see how they look on you! :)

    @Fiona: It's a must if you love holo. :)

    @ame: I've been thinking about layering it over a gold or yellow glitter polish as well. I agree, these would be perfect without the smell. :P


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