Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Deborah Lippman: Get this party started

**Edit:  Swatches & review can now be seen here: Candy Shop & Forget You
Ladies, have you seen this?!!

 Get This Party Started (set)
deborah lippmann get this party started glitter nordstrom anniversary
Left to Right: Happy Birthday, Candy Shop, Forget You

The one on the left is Happy Birthday, and the other two are variations of it in a bubblegum pink and black base.  What do you think?  I think I'd love it more if the glitters were different for each polish, but I'm still excited nonetheless!  Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

PS. The image is from All Lacquered Up as you can see.  You can read about this set in more detail at her site!  Clicking the picture will also take you there.  :)



  1. I saw Michelle's post this morning and Candy Shop beautiful!!!! :D ACTUALLY I LOVE IT!!!!! I'm gonna get it once it's up on eBay or Nordstrom, lol!

  2. The only one I'm into is Candy Shop. Will not be buying the set!

  3. @mentalforpolish: I agree, I need Candy Shop! I can't wait to see swatches!

    @thenailaholic: Candy Shop is definitely the highlight of this set. I don't own Happy Birthday yet, so I'm debating if I want this set. I wish Forget You didn't have a black base, I mean most of us layer glitter over black. I'd be sold if it had a fun base like Candy Shop, like a cotton candy blue, turquoise, or bright lilac.

  4. I think I will buy this set! I saw it yesterday & I'm so excited!

  5. Although I'm not a big fan of pink...I would chose the pink one. It's just so unique and gorgeous.

  6. They're great, but I agree, they could've been more cuter or cooler if there were differences in glitters;D

  7. Oh, I really like the pink one!

    PS: Guess what: I've finally ordered Strawberry Fields! :D I've found it on Head2Toe online store :D I had to share this with you, because when I've started following you, you did those great manis based on Strawberry Fields and it was then that I decided I've gotta have it ;) Now I'm waiting for the package :P

  8. @Cristina: Ah exciting! I'm sure you'll like it. :D I got Reva a few days ago after seeing your swatches! :P I'm going to swatch it once it gets sunnier. :)

  9. Wow. I guess the original sold well for them to release this? I kind of thought it wouldn't considering how many dupes sprung up. Interesting.


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