Monday, June 20, 2011

Theme Monday: (Polka Dots) Lanterns and Fans (Pic Heavy)

Hey all!  The ladies over at Polish-aholics Anonymous wanted to do theme manis on Mondays and post pics!  Today is our first theme Monday, and we all did polka dots.  It's still not too late to join in!  Here's what I did. :)

Okay, let's dissect this mani! :P 

For the base I used Essie Nice is Nice.  Here it is on its own.

Nice is Nice is very pretty pastel lilac.  I love the hint of pink in this and the milky, glossy finish.  This should be opaque in two coats, but I had some trouble with the color not going on evenly.  Also the brush kept pulling some of the color off and giving me bald spots.  It was manageable, but could be better.  It might have been better if I waited for each coat to completely dry.  This is 3 coats.

Guess what I found in one of my sister's boxes?  Maybelline Colorama flakies!  This one's called Sonic Sunset.  I've been searching the house for this one, because I remembered my mom using it a couple years back.  I gave up thinking she threw it out, but it was just hiding! :)

One delicious coat of Sonic Sunset over Nice is Nice.  This is such a gorgeous combo!  Who would have thought orange and purple would go so well together!  Sonic Sunset just makes Nice is Nice glow.  It's really lovely.  The pictures don't do it justice.  I'm definitely going to wear this combo again. :)

And finally the nail art.  I didn't plan this mani, so I was a little worried about the outcome.  I basically improvised by picking out the next color while I waited for the one before it to dry.  I actually thought it was ugly, but it really grew on me.  Now I love it!  It kind of reminded me of lanterns and paper fans, hence the title.

It was drizzling when I took these pics.  I swear I didn't drool on my mani.

Besides the ones mentioned above, I used: Sinful Colors Unicorn, Revlon Sheer Cotton, Zoya Rica, China Glaze Seniorita Bonita, Nfu Oh #53, Zoya Faye, and Milani nail art polish in white.  Whew!  What a post!  What do you guys think? I think I'm really loving this combination of colors. :)



  1. Ahhh this is gorgeous!! I love your manicures so much! :)

  2. This so beautiful! You have such great taste for choosing and combining colours! Love it!!!

  3. I love it! It reminds me of the floating lanterns that you put a candle in? Very pretty!

  4. @Tara: Thank you! I'm glad to have followers who appreciate my work. ^^

    @Ruxi: It is! :)

    @Cristina: Thanks! I was worried this mani wasn't gong to work out, but I'm glad that in the end the colors worked. :)

    @thenailaholic: That's what it reminded me of too! Thanks. ^^

  5. Wow this is really beautiful artwork! Great job! <3

  6. Oh! This is gorgeous!!!! Great job!

  7. Beautiful! Just what I imagined when I read the title of this post! Love it!


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