Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NOTD: Fishing for Love (& cut-out heart) mani

Hey all!

I added a new tab at the top: FAQ.  I've already added a few questions that people have asked me before.  If there is anything else you would like to know leave a comment or send me an email!  I would love to answer them. :)

As for the magnetic polishes, I swatched them...but they came out horribly.  The best I could get was a single line.  I used several different strong refrigerator magnets, but perhaps they are not strong enough?  Or too big?  Does anyone have suggestions?  This is my first time trying out magnetic polishes, so maybe it's me.

And finally I have another nail art for you.  I was thinking of what to do and thought of some doodles I did a few years back on some post-its.  I decided to draw one of them onto my nail. :)

Look!  A cut-out heart. :)

For the base, I used OPI Mermaid Tears.  In case you want to just jump down to the nail art, here's a summary: I adore the color, but not the formula.  I think my pictures are pretty accurate, maybe a little bluer in some.  This was definitely greener than I expected...and I love it!  It's a minty light jade with a hint of blue.  It's also a bit dusty, which is characteristic of the shades from the Pirates of the Carribean collection, yet it's still a lively color.  On the other hand, the formula was a bit tricky.  Here I'm wearing four coats.  The brush tended to dig into the color and makes streaks, so you had to work quickly.  After three coats and brush streaks, I added a coat of base coat over it, loaded the brush and worked quickly, making sure the brush was flat against the nail.  This got it opaque and smooth.  I wish I waited a little longer, because Sinful Colors came out with a dupe in their Adventure Island collection called Open Seas.  All Lacquered Up compared them here and you can't tell them apart.  Plus Open Seas apparently has a better formula!  Sounds like a winner to me, especially if you love greens.  Here's Mermaid Tears alone.

For my nail art, I drew a fishing pole with a heart on the end on my ring nail (in case you couldn't tell).  On the middle nail, there's a cut-out heart.  That was accidental, but I like it so we'll pretend it was intentional. :)  Enjoy~

This last pic is my favorite, because it has that cute little shine on the heart.  Love! :)  Would you ever do a cut-out mani?  Let me know in the comments!



  1. I really love this! The cut out heart are just genius! Beautiful base color as well. This manicure is just perfection. (:

  2. Ohhh, this is sooo cute!!! I la-la-la-love it! how did you do the cut out?

  3. Thanks! :)

    @Trixie: I actually did that on accident. There was a red heart there, but I didn't like how it came out. So I dabbed at it with some remover, which erased the red and in the process pulled up the base color with it. So that's how I got the cut-out. I ended up liking it so I didn't fill it back in. :)

  4. This is so beautiful!!! And you are so talented! (I think I've already said this to you before, but I guess I'll tell you every time because it is so true! :)). Love Love Love!!! :)
    Big hugs!!!

  5. I loove this mani! And especially the cut out heart! I would like to try that at some point :p

  6. I love Mermaid's Tears! Ever since I blogges about it I keep wearing it! i love the heart idea, so cute!

  7. I love it! Inspiration folder! lol I'm glad I didn't wait on the OPIs. They aren't available around here anymore and we never got the Sinful display. :(

  8. OMGGGGGG this is so pretty!! I'm totally late for class but i HAD to comment on how pretty this nail design is... XDDD

  9. Love the base colour used in this and I think the polka dots on it look particularly well! Such a cute idea overall :)

  10. Ouu! I love it! This is so very very preety!
    Great blog :) I'm your new follower hope you'll follow back

  11. Aw thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I have a couple more nail art ideas lined up. I think you will like them as well. :)


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