Friday, May 20, 2011

Ozotic Pro #503 Rainforest & 100+ Followers/ 2 month blog-o-versary

Yay I'm finally done picking out pictures and editing them.  I had so many pictures that it took a while to decide which ones I wanted to use.  It was also a lot sunnier today than yesterday (when I took these)!  Such a shame.  I did snap one more today, so you can see how it looks in full sunshine. :)

Ozotic Pro 503 is a multichrome that is for the most part different shades of green, such as emerald, moss/forest green, olive, and jungle green.  If you're not sure what jungle green is try googling 'jungle green Crayola.' :)  There are also shades of red/copper which can tend to look brown with the green.  I've also seen turquoise, blue and purple at certain angles.  I recommend using a base coat with this since it's very sheer and doesn't build up.  For my swatches, I used 2 coats of Sinful Black on Black on my index and middle, and 2 coats of China Glaze First Mate on my ring and pinkie.  Basically, my theory is if it can be layered over black, it can be layered over a dark blue/navy. :)  And First Mate is such a nice color. ^^  For the Ozotic Pro, I used 2 coats.
Index & Mid: Black,  Ring & Pinkie: Blue

Today I was looking at my nails and I thought it might look nice with copper glitter, so I used a coat of Sally Hansen Snappy Sprinkes and $OPI Traffic Stopper Copper to see how it would look.  Snappy Sprinkles seems to blend in with the polish, but Traffic Stopper looks really nice!  I think it brings out the copper in 503 and keeps it from looking too brown.  What do you think?  Also which layering combo do you like the best?  Let me know in the comments! :)
In full blazing sunshine
Overall, I enjoyed using this polish, although I could have used some more multichrome.  This one is closer to a duochrome most of the time.  Which is something you should think about, especially if you're in the States, since this one will cost you $24.50 including shipping.  It is very lovely though and blindingly shiny in the sun.  I think it would be fit for an Amazonian princess or a wood nymph. :)  You can buy #503 at Picture Polish.

I also have exciting news for you.  Today Liquid Jelly reached 100 followers (and beyond)!  I want to thank everyone for following and supporting me so far.  Thanks!  I know I promised a giveaway, so I will post that as soon as I have all the prizes. :)  Coincidentally, it's has also been exactly 2 months since I began this blog!  I'm so amazed I gained so many followers so quickly.  Shall we aim for 200 when the blog turns 4 months? ;)  But honestly, I've seen so many great blogs and have gotten to know just as many great bloggers.  It really doesn't matter how many followers I have, I'm just glad to do this and get to know you all. :)



  1. omg I need this so bad! It is totally worth breaking a no buy for

  2. Congrats on your growing blog!!!

  3. @Lisa: I'm sure you'll like it.:) I've already broken my no buy...oops. :P

    @GothamPolish: Thanks! :)

  4. I like the way traffic stopper
    Looks on top!

  5. Oooh this is beautifulll, and congrats on 100+ followers! I bet you make 200 way before 4 months.

  6. really cool color, looks like it's carbonated!

  7. I love it with the blue underneath and with the SOPI on top it looks great!!

  8. Congrats for 100 followers! :D
    I need to have my own domain on wordpress to put up Google Friend Connect :(

  9. That green is beautiful :)
    Congrats on 100 followers!!!

    I tagged you with the Creative Blogeer Award :)

  10. LOL, that would be the Creative Blogger Award (not blogeer) :D

  11. WOW! That's sooooo beautiful!!! Amazing!
    And congratulations for your 100 followers!!! You deserve it!!! Hope you'll get more than 200 when the blog will turn 4 (months ;D)!

  12. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Ruxi: That's how I like it too. ^^

    @Anutka: Thanks for the award! I've already done the Creative award post, but thank you for thinking of me. :)


  14. amazingly pretty!! I love that you layered it over 2 different bases!!


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