Friday, May 27, 2011

Yay package & a big thanks!

I finally got another one of my polish giveaways in the mail today.  It actually came two days ago, but I had to sign it and I wasn't in, so they brought it today. :)  This one's from Marie of Mon coin à moua, all the way from France!  Thank you Marie!  If you're not following her blog, please go take a look.  I love to read her posts and she recently did one on Unicorn Pee! (aka Clarins 230 :P)  I don't know about you, but I love reading about that polish...partly because I'll never own it T_T.

Well, here are the 10 polishes I chose from her giveaway prizes:

How cute is that Asos Paint bottle! :3  I think I'm most excited about swatching the magnetic metallics and Urban Decay Bruise (the purple bottle).  So be on the lookout for these in future posts! :)

Okay I'm off!  I just wanted to share this with you before I headed out to meet with the bf.  I have a couple polishes swatched and a nail art, so I'll post one of those tonight when I get back.  The sun is starting to come out again, so hopefully I'll be able to get some nice sparkly pics!  I'm wearing OPI DS Extravagance right now and it's amazing. :)

Until later,


Got back later than I thought and I'm pooped! I wanted to get a post out so I've been editing pics, but I think I really need to sleep.  So I'll post that tomorrow. :)


  1. omg can't wait to see all of these! so many great ones!

  2. What color is the Hard Candy? That's one of the old bottles, isn't it? You got some great prizes. I need to find a swap buddy in Europe, or get lucky like you and win a European nail polish giveaway! lol

  3. @Donna: The Hardy Candy is called Hick and is light blue with silver micro glitter and a pink flash. Not sure if that pink flash will show up on the nail though. I believe it's one of the older polishes. It's still in my unswatched pile so I'll try to get to it soon. :)


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