Friday, May 6, 2011

China Glaze: Flying Dragon (Neon)

Hi!  It's late and I'm studying for a final.  I know I promised a post today (technically yesterday), so I'm taking a break to post this.  Better late than never, right?

Unfortunately, there wasn't much sun today and my indoor pics of OPI Teenage Dream with shatter weren't looking so great.  So I repainted the four fingers I photograph with 3 coats of Teenage Dream for better coverage and re did the black shatter.  I think it looks better the second time around.  Hopefully there will be more sun tomorrow so that I can show you better pics!

So instead I'm showing you CG Flying Dragon instead.  I already had these edited and watermarked, so here's my quick post.  :)

Flying dragon is a neon purple packed with fine blue and purple glitters.  The polish is a neon, so it is a tad bit streaky, but it evens out nicely with additional coats.  I believe this is 3 coats.  It's been a while sorry.  It might be two, but I want to say three.  The polish dries matte, so the glitter gives it a slightly bumpy-ish texture when it dries.  It reminds me of dragon skin! (In a good way.)  I used clear polish on the tips, which made it a darker glossier shade and really brought out the glitter, especially the purples.  I liked both finishes, which is why I didn't use top coat for the whole nail.  I think next time I'll put on top coat and then do matte tips.  I think I prefer the glossier finish because it brings out the glitter.  Here are some more pics.

Well, back to studying for me!  Hope you enjoy this post, and I can't wait to show you Teenage Dream tomorrow (hopefully.)



  1. I love this kind of mani, the combo between matte and glossy!!
    I tagged you for an award on my blog.

  2. Like the colour a lot!
    But, I was just wondering.. how a dragon skin really looks like :D ? :) (joking ;P)
    I really really like your mani!
    Wish you easy learning and good luck with the exams!
    Huge hugs!

  3. I know Ruxi has already tagged you, but, as a sign of appreciation and friendship, you have the same award on my blog ;)

  4. @Ruxi: Thanks for the award :)

    @Cristina: Thanks for wishing me luck. I need it! :P And thanks for giving me the award as well. :)


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