Sunday, May 29, 2011

OPI DS Extravagance

Hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend. :)  Here's a quick post before I go to bed. *yawn*

This is OPI DS Extravagance, a gorgeous wine colored holo.  In some lightings it can be more purple toned, but for the most part I'd say this is a lovely cool wine color.  It sort of reminds of berries too. :P  This one's a scattered holo, but I like to say speckled.  There's these white specks in the polish, which I think are from the scattered pieces of holo in this polish.  This applied well and was opaque in three thin coats.  Don't apply this too thinly though, you may not notice when you're applying because it's highly pigmented, but in the sun I noticed that there were some bald spots of holo.  They weren't noticeable indoors because color wise it was opaque.  Overall, this was so gorgeous.  This is my first DS polish and I adore it.  I definitely think this is worth its price. :)

I've also been dealing with a dilemma these past few days.  You see, I have this nasty crack half way down the grown out part of my middle nail. :(  It's weird because it's more like a peeled crack, since it didn't crack all the way.  This means polish is getting stuck in between, and it won't come out no matter how much I go over it with my remover.  This also means it's getting harder to wear sheer or light colors.  So now I must make a decision- should I leave it and file it away slowly over time hoping it won't get worse...or do I just cut it?  I honestly cannot bring myself to cut it though.  I feel so silly debating this over in my head though.  I think the old me would have rolled her eyes and told me to cut it. :P  *sigh*  This is the longest I've ever grown my nails though and all my other nails are fine.  If only it wasn't on the hand I photograph.  I don't know what I'll do. -_-



  1. HI! I love this polish! I already own the DS Coronation, but this one is a must.
    About the nail... I know you shared this with me on my blog... so it's becoming nasty, hum? I know exactly what you're getting trough. I've had that on my right hand, eventually I had to cut, because the nail broke itself (I have thin nails..). But on my left hand, the one that I photograph... that's a really hard thing to do. If the only problem is that you can't wear sheer polish... I'd say.. don't! :) How long can it take before that crack disappears? One month? :) Hugs!

  2. @Cristina: Hi! So far I am thinking about not cutting it. :P I think it'll take a month for it to go away since it took me two to grow it this long. Hopefully it won't break!

  3. I just bought this!!!! Then I came home and its sitting right by me... I'm wanting to see how it looks, and I just saw this post! I'm so glad I just bought this one. haha!

  4. I'm sure you'll love it! :)


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