Saturday, January 14, 2012

SinfulColors Wish Collection

Here's the SinfulColors Holiday 2011 Wish collection!  I'm not sure if all of these are new colors, since I know for sure that Last Chance and Daddy's Girl aren't new.  There are also two nail art lacquers in this collection, which I'll show you another time.

Sugar Sugar, 2 coats: A shimmery bright red.  It's a nice color and the formula was average.

Last Chance, 2 coats: A gorgeous dark green creme.  I really love this color.  It's this rich dark green that's opaque and shiny in two coats.  I've worn this countless times after receiving it and looks amazing layered with green/blue flakies.  This is one of my favorites from the collection.

Out of this World, 3 coats: A shimmery/pearly white.  This is actually a bit on the sheer side and the polish is a bit thick.  I recommend waiting between coats so that it dries all the way through.  In the sun it can look a bit more opaque, because it's so shimmery.

Midnight Blue, 2 coats: A pretty shimmery blue with a nice formula.  Most of the polishes in this collection were opaque in 2, which was really nice.

Daddy's Girl!  I actually already own this one and am a fan of the color.  I pulled out my old bottle and compared it with the new one, which didn't reveal any differences.  However, I thought I'd see if there was anything new with the formula anyway.  I'm glad I did, because there is a slight difference.  As you can see above, the old bottle has a redder base, while the new bottle has a bluer base.  It's not a significant change, however, and the real difference lies in the formula.  The new bottle is able to achieve opacity in 3 coats, as opposed to the 4 coats the old bottle took for opacity.  It seems the new bottles have SC on top of the caps, while the old ones don't have anything.  So if you see a new bottle, grab it!  This is a nice color, and I frequently use it for layering combos. :)  You can see my original review here.  It's a bit more in depth about the actual color. ^^

That's it for today!


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  1. Daddy's Girl is beautiful on you!

  2. Wow, 'Daddy's Girl' looks amazing!! Love your swatches~

  3. Daddy's Girl is also my favorite. But I also like the dark green ;) Great idea to have done the "old-new" comparison!

  4. Great review! Daddy's Girl is so pretty!

  5. Love the review!

  6. I have Daddy's Girl with the SC on the top. The only ones I have not tried are Sugar Sugar, Last Chance and Midnight Blue. I hope SC actually comes out with new colors soon.

  7. Aw, thanks! ^^ Daddy's Girl is a pretty nice polish, especially for the price!

  8. Thanks, Cristina! Those two were my favorites as well. :)

  9. I hope they put out some more new colors as well. Their formula seems to be improving, so I can't wait to see what they have in store for the future. :)

  10. As much as i love Sinful Colors i just wish they would come out with new colors instead of all the re-promotes.


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