Sunday, June 9, 2013

Physicians Formula Endless Color Custom Nail Trio Line Review

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. :)  Today I have the entire new Endless Color line from Physicians Formula.  Each trio set comes with three mini polishes that snap together.  The colors themselves don't have individual names, so for my review I'll refer to them by their color and position.

Treat Yourself: This trio includes base coat, top coat, and a glitter top coat.  These are all hard to show, but I did use them in the nail art picture above.  I found the base coat and top coat easy to use.  Dry time was average and the consistency was thin.  The glitter top coat is made up of iridescent (blue, green, orange) and silver micro glitter.  You can see it on my pointer and pinky finger.

Bare It All
White (pinky, pointer): 4 coats, sheer milky white.
Pink (ring): 4 coats, sheer pale pink.
Peach (middle): 3 coats, sheer peachy-pink.

These felt similar to OPI's sheers (think NYC Ballet collection) and performed similarly in terms of application and coverage.  I thought a lot of these would be cremes, but was pleased to see that they are creme-jellies.  All three of these applied evenly and easily.  I found dry time pretty good as well.


In The Nude
Pink-tan (pinky, pointer): 4 coats, sheer creme-jelly
Pink-brown (ring): 3 coats, milky creme-jelly
Taupe (middle): 3 coats, creme-jelly

Application was great on all of these as well.  The lightest color was sheer, but the others were a bit more opaque, especially the taupe.


Three Shades of Grey
Light grey (pinky, pointer): 2 coats, creme-jelly
Metallic grey-silver: 2 coats 
Dark grey: 2 coats, creme with subtle shimmer

This set was more opaque than the previous two.  It also offers three different finishes of grey: creme-jelly, metallic, and creme.  Application-wise, they were excellent.


Smokin' Haute
Red (pinky, pointer): 2 coats, creme
Dark red (ring): 3 coats, jelly
Black (middle): 2 coats, creme

Like the others, all of these applied very well.  I was especially impressed by the dark red (ring).  I usually can't get these colors to apply cleanly, but this one was very easy to apply.


California Goddess
Pink (pinky, pointer): 2 coats, creme jelly
Orange (ring): 3 coats, creme jelly
Red-orange (middle): 3 coats, jelly

These bright colors are perfect for summer - very "Californian Goddess."  No problems to report on the formula either.


Fashion Icon
Lemon yellow (pinky, pointer): 3 coats, creme
Sky blue (ring): 3 coats, jelly
Forest green (middle): 2 coats, creme jelly

My favorite from this trio was the dark green!  Like all the others, I found all of these easy to apply.


Trendsetter Chic
Purple (pointer, pinky): 3 coats, creme
Dark blue (middle): 2 coats, jelly with shimmer
Periwinkle (ring): 2 coats, creme

Finally, the last of the trios featuring blues and purples.  Again, application was a breeze for these.

Verdict: Love!  I was surprised at how much I liked these.  These would be the perfect additions to your carry-on for summer vacations and trips.  Very travel-friendly.  You could pack two and still get 6 different colors.  Since they snap on, you won't have to worry about losing any of them.

Availability: Each trio retails for $10.95 (13.2mL total).  You can find Physicians Formula at Target, Ulta, Meijer and various drugstores near you.  Visit their site for a complete list of stores.

Which trio is your favorite? :)

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