Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Review

Hi everyone!  Today I have a few of the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes to share with you.  I've been lemming this collection ever since it came out.  I'm usually not a fan of bar glitter, but these are pretty, no?

Tight Knit, 2 coats over SH Mint Sorbet: blue and white bar glitters in a clear base.  I was hoping these would be opaque enough to wear alone, but as you can see, they're better off as glitter toppers.  Formula-wise it was okay, the glitters spread evenly and the consistency was medium-thin.

Wool Lite, 4 coats over SH Parchment: light pink bar glitters in a clear base.  I tried to get this one opaque with 4 coats, but as you can see it is not.  However, the formula is easy to work with.  I think I'll wear this again over a contrasting color.

Tweedy, 2 coats over SH Pacific Blue: black and white bar glitters with a clear base.  I loved this combo!  Well, everything looks good with SH Pacific Blue. :) 

Fuzz-Sea, 2 coats over a grey creme: bright blue and yellow bar glitters in a clear base.  This one was purchased by me, since it was the one I wanted the most.  In fact, it was the only color that was sold out every where I went.  I managed to grab the last one at Ulta.  I think it got left behind because it was a little under filled... oh well.

Verdict:  The bar glitters in here are all short, so they're very easy to apply.  However, I don't think they're for everyone.  Some of them can look a little "hairy", so if you're generally not a fan of this look, I would steer clear.  While I was hoping these would be more opaque, I'm still pleased with them as glitter toppers.  I think my favorite is Fuzz-Sea, but I liked Tweedy and Tight Knit as well.

Availability:  You can find Sally Hansen polishes at almost any drugstore.  I purchased mine for $5.99.

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