Sunday, September 22, 2013

Neon Fun with BPS Studs!

Hi guys!  Today I have two nail art looks featuring neon studs from Born Pretty Store.  I think one was a fail, but I'm happy with how the other one turned out.  Let's start with the :P

For this look, I used Color Club Wicker Park as my main base color and OPI DS Pewter for my accent color.  Then I stamped on the word collages on my pointer and middle nail in grey and silver respectively.  Unfortunately, that did not show up at all, especially on the middle nail. -.- I also tried to do something artsy with silver holographic foil, which just looks silver here due to the light box.  I think it was kind of okay at this point, but then I decided to add the purple studs... And then I didn't like it.  LOL!  Oh well, so of course I had to try again with the studs.

This time I went for a very simplistic, clean look.  Best part is, no skills were involved!  So if you're new to nail art, this is a good way to jazz up your nails.  For my base, I used Zoya Sailor.  Then I simply added these 2mm round purple studs* and 4mm square pink studs*.  Wouldn't this be a nice transitional mani into fall?  Especially for those of you still trying to hang on to summer. :3  Me?  I love fall. ^__^

If you're wondering about the quality of these studs, I found that none of them bled with top coat - which is a big plus.  They're also pretty flat, so they'll definitely stay on your nails until you're ready to take them off.  Usually with studs, people ask me if they're reusable.  For these, I'm going to say no.  You may be able to reuse them if you use them lightly or with a light base color - where clean up will be gentle.  However, if you try to soak these in acetone, the color will chip off.  I saw this happen with the pink studs, but the purple ones handled acetone better.

Overall, I'm super in love with these studs.  BPS has a lot more colors in both neon and pastel shades.  I think it'd be really cute to use a bunch of different colors for a colorful mani. :D  If you plan on getting any of these studs, be sure to use this code to receive 10% off your order: F10X31.

Are you a fan of colorful studs?  Let me know in the comments! :]

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