Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pretty Jelly: The Fall Collection

Representing various "falls", this collection features polishes with both linear holographic and glitter finishes.

Rabbit Hole: brown-purple base with red-violet shimmer that turns gold at extreme angles, large copper glitter, small copper-gold glitter, and sparse holographic glitter. This color is as magical as Alice's famous fall down the rabbit hole.


London Bridge: grey creme-jelly base with large gold holo glitter and small and medium gold glitter. Filled with gold shimmer and sparse blue sparkles, this color is based off a children's singing game.


Mexico City: bright red linear holographic polish. This color was inspired by one of my favorite books by Albert Camus. It takes its name from a bar located in the "last circle of hell" - Amsterdam's red light district.


House of Usher: violet linear holographic polish. This brooding purple pays homage to one of Edgar Allen Poe's chilling short stories.

Poison Envy: dark green linear holo. Representing the fall of man, this lush green holo is as tempting on the nail as it is in the bottle.

Availability: You can find all of these colors in my Etsy shop: Pretty Jelly.  Pretty Jelly polishes can also be found internationally at the following shops: MeiMei's Signatures and Edgy Polish.

For more info about Pretty Jelly, please visit: / like on Facebook / follow on Twitter. :)

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