Tuesday, October 29, 2013

China Glaze Monsters Ball Review (Halloween 2013)

Hi guys!  It's almost Halloween!  Are any of you dressing up or doing special nail art? :D  For today's post I have three fun polishes from China Glaze's Halloween collection.  Let's get started!

Howl You Doin', 2 coats: deep purple jelly base with fine blue glitter and small red flakies.  The red flakies are shaped like tiny shards, so I couldn't decide if it was more like a glitter or a flakies.  It doesn't have any color shift, but it feels more like a flakie than a glitter.  Anyway, I can't stop myself from reading the name of this polish in Joey Tribbiani's voice.

Bat My Eyes, 2 coats: sheer black jelly jam-packed with various gold glitters and orange-green short bar glitters.  When I say jam-packed, I really mean it!  This makes it easy to reach opacity in two coats, but the polish can get a little chunky.  It's best applied in thin coats with some dry time in between.  Otherwise, it's really nice.  My only complaint is that the orange bar glitters are very hard to see because there is so much gold glitter.  I only really saw it in low indoor lighting, and even then it was fairly subtle.

Boo-Gie Down, 2 coats over ChG First Mate: clear base with copper, gold, black, and white hexes in various sizes from very fine to large glitters.  There are a few black bar glitters thrown into the mix as well.  Boo-Gie Down applied evenly without clumping or getting thick.  I felt there was a good clear to glitter ratio in this polish.  One coat would have been fine, but I did two to get some of the larger glitters onto my nails.

Verdict:  I found myself liking all three of these!  The glitters are fun and generally applied fairly well.  But my favorite has to be Howl You Doin'. :)

Availability:  China Glaze Monsters Ball collection is currently available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide (Sally's and Ulta).

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