Friday, December 6, 2013

Zoya Zenith Winter/Holiday 2013 Collection Swatches

Hi everyone! When I think of holiday polish, I think of a lot glitter and sparkle. Today's collection is no exception. Zoya's Zenith collection features an array of deep jewel tones, glitters, and shimmery silvers.

Seraphina, 3 coats: soft, grey creme-jelly base with silver metallic shimmer. I found this a little sheer, but it built up nicely in three coats. I like the way the crelly base actually subdues some of the shimmer, making the overall finish a satin.

Cassedy, 2 coats: blackened green base with strong metallic silver shimmer. My pictures don't quite capture the green in this polish, but it does have a tinge of green. However, the silver shimmer does have a bit more dominance like my picture shows.

Belinda, 2 coats: shiny, dark violet with red and blue shimmer. The blue shimmer is sprinkled sparsely throughout, so the red shimmer is the more apparent of the two in this polish.

Mosheen, 1 coat over Belinda: green/blue iridescent short bar glitters mixed with fine orange/green iridescent glitters. This glitter topper is so pretty, especially over Belinda. Mine unfortunately arrived 2/3 full and the consistency was thick like glue. I'm guessing mine is a faulty polish that had dried out, but since I don't know what the consistency is actually like, I can't really comment on the formula. However, once I added enough thinner to make it a full bottle again, it applied very well. The one coat shown here is pre-thinner.

Payton, 3 coats: dark plum jelly with very fine holographic shard-like glitters. The glitters aren't big enough to actually stick to your nails, in that aspect they are really more like shimmer. The formula on this was a little thicker than what I prefer, but it still applied smoothly without much trouble. It's best applied in 1-2 thin coats and 1 medium coat.

Dream, 2 coats: dark sapphire blue jelly with fine shard-like holographic glitters. This is the blue version of Payton and performed similarly in terms of consistency and application. It's slightly more opaque than Payton, so two coats is enough for Dream.

And since my lightbox never capture anything with holographic properties very well, I braved the cold to snap a few pics outdoors. :P

A slightly blurred pic above, to show off the sparkle. The holographic glitters come through better on Payton and sparkles in warm rainbow tones. Dream on the otherhand, sparkles in cooler bluer tones. They're both very sparkly nonetheless and I couldn't choose which I preferred more.

Verdict: All of these lived up to Zoya's standard in terms of formula and application. The jellies were a little thicker than what I personally prefer, but still applied very well. The only polish I am unsure of is Mosheen, since it arrived to me partially dried. My favorites from the collection are without a doubt Payton and Dream. Mosheen was nice too once I thinned it up. :)

Availability: Zoya Zenith is now available at* for $8 each or $48 for the entire set. You may also find Zoya polishes in stores at Ulta.

Have you picked up any of the shades from this collection? Feel free to share in the comments section!


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