Monday, September 22, 2014

[Review+Swatch] Zoya Entice Collection for Fall 2014

It's Monday again! Seems like the days are just flying by. Today I have the new fall creme collection from Zoya - Entice!

Nyssa, 3 coats: "milk chocolate brown" creme. Nyssa was opaque in 2 coats, but I did 3 for pictures. It's medium thick in consistency and flows easily onto the nail.

Geneviev, 2 coats: "leather grey" creme with very subtle silver sheen. The shimmer is very fine and barely noticeable. It's easier to catch in direct sunlight, but most other times this polish looks like a creme. The formula on this was watery and thin, but the second coat went on thicker and more opaque.

Margo, 3 coats: "red plum" creme. The consistency is thin, but very easy to control. It was opaque in 2 coats, but I did 3 for pics.

Veronica, 2 coats: "brilliant wine" creme. Medium in consistency and easy to apply.

Claire, 2 coats: "rich burgundy" creme. The formula's thicker and a bit harder to control. It applies patchy at first, but the second coat evens everything out.

Ryan, 2 coats: dark blue creme. This one has a thick formula as well, but unlike Claire, it applies easily and evenly.

Verdict: A nice collection of darker cremes. All of them were pretty opaque in 2 coats and had a range of average to excellent formulas.

Availability: $9 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.

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