Friday, September 26, 2014

[Review+Swatch] Zoya Ignite Collection for Fall 2014

Hi guys! Last time I showed you Zoya Entice. Today's collection is Zoya's other fall release: Ignite! I always look forward Zoya shimmers as they tend to be more unique than the creme set. As expected, this year's colors are gorgeous. On top of that, all of them applied beautifully without any trouble. Swatches are shown without top coat. Enjoy!

Autumn, 2 coats: metallic copper with golden shimmer.

Teigen, 2 coats: pink toned cranberry with golden shimmer.

India, 2 coats: dark burgundy with gold and purple shimmer. The gold is more pronounced than the purple, but if you look closely you can see some purple sparkles.

Yuna, 2 coats: blue toned grey with gold shimmer.

Remy, 2 coats: dark blue with gold shimmer that sparkles green. Remy is so pigmented that it actually covers well in one coat. I did two for pics, but it really wasn't necessary. It has gold shimmer, but the blue base makes it glow green.

Sansa, 2 coats: deep plum with golden shimmer. 

Verdict: Ignite is a collection of beautiful colors that work perfectly for fall. The formula was spot on for this set, excelling in both consistency and pigmentation. I enjoyed wearing all the colors and honestly can't pick a favorite. If you're a fan of Zoya's shimmers, these won't disappoint.

Availability: Available on and at finer salons and spas. Retails for $9 each.

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