Friday, September 23, 2011

Great things are coming to this blog

Hey there!  I've been busy with exams and such this week that I haven't been able to post.  I also went home last week and brought back a lot more of my polish with me.  I couldn't bring them all, but I'm pretty happy for now.  The bad thing is I no longer have the program I used to edit my pics with on my computer anymore.  My computer was lagging pretty badly, so I erased everything from my computer after backing it up.  Unfortunately, I left the cd at home. ><  So that also explains the lack of posts lately.  I'm now just using an online editing site.

So that's my excuse, and now I'll tell you what polishes you can look forward to seeing in the upcoming days.  So far I have a whole bunch of pictures I haven't edited yet waiting to be shared.  For swatching, I have the rest of China Glaze's summer collection, as well as two polishes from the fall collection.  And some exciting things came in the mail this week!

Okay, I'll give you a second to take this all in.  ^_~  I've been waiting for these since before school started, so I was super excited to get them all this week!

A big thanks goes out to Cathy for going through all the trouble of sending these!  Above are the three pots of color changing pigments I bought from More Nail Polish.  She's been sweet enough to buy these pigments in bulk and share them with us.  And these were definitely worth every penny!  The polish in the Sally Hansen bottle is a franken I made using the red green pigment.  I'll go into more detail when I show you my swatches, but if you're interested in buying them click here. :)

Rivka Holographic polishes all the way from Brazil!  A huge thanks to Sarah for doing this swap with me!  Sarah runs a lovely nail and make up blog called Them Pretty Colors.  Her nail posts seriously make me drool, so I highly recommend checking out her blog.

Sarah also asked me if I wanted any flakie polishes, so I got these two.  How cute are those bottles?

Are you excited???  I can't wait to swatch all of these.  Duo/multichromes, holos, and flakies!  T_T *tears of joy*

I will return with drool worthy pics.  TGIF! :)



  1. Those are some great polishes! I can't wait to see them swatched--ALL of them!

  2. OH EM GEE! I can't wait to see them! <3

  3. Oh gosh! *swoon* That looks amazing!

  4. Those Big Universo flakies look nice - can't wait to see swatches

  5. LOL i was totally wondering when sally hansen did a colour like that... stupid me.xD can't wait to see these!!=D

  6. Can't handle all the pretty! OMG!!

  7. Hi Liz hope school's going well :) You have some winners here, looking forward to seeing swatches!


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