Saturday, October 22, 2011


Possibly sensing that Halloween is drawing near, one of my new Wet n Wild Coloricon polishes decided to take a high dive from my hands...

Thankfully it was a color that still had one left in the display.  So I ran over to grab the last one.  So here's me being all fine and dandy after swatching (from the broken bottle) and taking pics with the new bottle.

Unfortunately this is the only bottle pic I have because a second later I heard a pop, only to look down and see that the bottle had cracked nearly in half.  What?!  I swear I'm not that strong!  As you can see I am not gripping the bottle that tight!

*Quick review:  Rockin' Rubies is full of ruby red micro glitter and small holographic glitter. It looks silver in my pics but it's really holographic and sparkles lots of pretty colors.  I'm wearing 4 coats, but 3 would've have been enough and the formula wasn't hard to work with.  The color dries matte, so be sure to add at least 2-3 coats of top coat to achieve the shine, sparkle, and color you see in the bottle.  It's also a bit of a top coat eater.  Otherwise, worth the $3.99 price if you like red glitters, and it's limited edition.

I am subtracting points for the weak thin bottle though! :(  The first time was my fault, but the second break shouldn't have happened.  Both of them broke at the bottle neck, so that the brush was still screwed on to the top half of the bottle.  Now I'm scared the other bottles will snap at the neck whenever I twist the cap open.  So take caution if you're luck is as bad as mine.

Left: The fall :(
Middle: Cracked new bottle taped together.  You can see the crack down the side.
Right:  Waiting for my bf to run over to Walgreens and grab the cheapest clear (to empty out and use as a new bottle), while I kept the polish alive by resuscitating it with polish thinner.

Rockin' Rubies just didn't want to be my friend. :(  Well too bad, cause I've got you locked up in a bottle that won't break.

So the remaining polish from the first broken bottle went into Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters since it had some space and I rarely use this glitter anyway.  If I'd known that the second bottle would decide to crack in my hands I wouldn't have dumped it into the glitter.  The pic on the right shows Rockin' Rubies in it's new home.  In the end I spent way too much on this polish than it's worth. :(  At least it's pretty. :/

But here's the silver lining.  I kind of hated having to dump a new bottle of clear out (even though this one was 99 cents), so I added some of it to my red green color morphing pigment franken (shown in post Unicorn Pee) since it was a little low on clear and very pigmented.  That's not the silver lining, the silver lining is that the addition of the Wet n Wild clear suspended the pigment!

Look ma, no suspension base!
The clear I added was Wet n Wild Clear Nail Protector.  I'm not quite sure what that means, but I think people are using it as a base/top coat.  I'm also not sure if it's just the Wet n Wild clear doing this, or the combination of the Wet n Wild clear and Sally Hansen Inst-Dri clear.  I am noticing that it does settle a tiny bit over a period of a day- so very slowly.  I'm guessing this can be fixed with more drops of Wet n Wild clear, since I added very little.  But I think at 99 cents this is a great alternative to buying a suspension base.  I don't think it would work on something heavier like glitter though.  Since I have more powders to franken, I will franken them in the Wet n Wild clear to see if it suspends.  Or else I'll know that the combination of the two is causing this effect. :)



  1. awwww, I dropped blue polish on my comforter (totally my fault) and it looked like I killed a smurf :D

  2. That's too bad about the bottle breaking. It looks great though!

  3. Ha ha! You made me laugh with the your improvised polish "ER" - "Chicago Hope " :D LOL :D
    And I love the polish!!!

  4. Gosh - you are creative (and fast) to rescue that 2nd bottle. How odd they both broke. I had an OPI bottle fall from a shelf - not hit anything on the way down and broke bit time in half when it hit the SOFT lovely once was really light beige Burber carpet. It went over about a 5 X 4 ft area - and the your's a red...Little Red Wagon. I never could get it back up off the carpet. I now have a really odd looking square area rug of similar color Burber over that area. UGH.

  5. That's awful that both bottles broke, but awesome that you were able to save them.

  6. oh my! I love red glitters...!! too bad it broke twice..;;
    I love your pix!


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