Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Etsy Loves & Pretty Jelly News

Hi everyone!  I don't have a polish post today, so I thought I'd share some things I've purchased on Etsy.  I also have some Pretty Jelly (my indie brand) related news at the end as well. :)

First up are these stunning handmade soaps by DeShawn Marie.  I just got mine in the mail today, carefully wrapped in gold packaging.

And here they are out of their boxes: Grapefruit Orange (left) & Lilac Rose (right).  I told you they're stunning.  Some serious eye candy right here.

I haven't tried them yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it.  The rose one I gave to my mother, and she said she really liked it.  In any case, they both smell divine, so I'm already in love with these.  Plus, they're vegan! :)

This one I bought a while ago from Ura Michi.  The owner, Mikako, was my artsy friend from high school, so I was excited to see that she had an Etsy shop.  I wanted a customized gadget cozy for my digital camera, and the whole process was quick and easy.  I usually just throw my camera (ouch) into my purse, so I think my camera is happier now.

Eek! super kawaii~~

Hehe, so did you enjoy today's dose of pretty and cute? :)  Anyway, I guess if you're still here, you want to hear what's new with Pretty Jelly!  Since I've opened my shop, I've had several requests that I provide international shipping.  So the good news is that we have an international stockist: Mei Mei's Signatures!

Pretty Jelly polishes should be ready to launch there around the end of this month/beginning of next month.  So be sure to follow Mei Mei's Signatures on Facebook for updates!  In the meantime, definitely check out these lovely swatches of our polishes.

Gotham Polish: Goddess Collection (without base) / Goddess Collection (over black) / Regular holos
Pointless Cafe: Goddess Collection (alone & over black) / Regular holos
Jen's Nail Files: Goddess & regular holos

I am also launching a new collection today (5/22) and restocking many of the sold out colors in my Etsy shop.  For real time updates, feel free to like Pretty Jelly on Facebook.  There's also a lot of cool nail art on there as well. :)

Alright, enough with the links!


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