Friday, May 10, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust: Summer 2013 Edition

Happy Friday!  I'm so glad I swatched these earlier this week.  The latter half of this week was rather gloomy.  I think textures look better in the sun, so that's where I wanted to photograph these. :)

Solange, 3 coats: yellow-gold texture.  This one has a clear base filled with beautiful gold glitter flakes.  It looked good at 2 coats, but I did 3 for pictures.  The formula is excellent and dries very quickly.

Beatrix, 2 coats: tangerine jelly texture packed with orange and gold shimmer flakes.  This one looks like bubbling, sparkly Fanta!  I had no issues with the formula and drying time was good as well.

Destiny, 3 coats (opaque in 2): coral jelly texture with gold shimmer flecks.  Formula-wise, I thought Destiny was okay.  The base is a little more gooey, but application was still good.  Just make sure to give the polish some time to dry between coats.  It'll also speed up dry time, since it's a little slower to dry.  This seems typical for textures with a more prominent jelly base.

Let's talk dupes!  Destiny is similar to OPI Jinx, but it's not an exact dupe.  The gold shimmer in Jinx is much stronger, while Destiny allows the coral base to come through more.  I suggest going with Destiny if you want a more straight up coral texture.  For more gold shimmer, Jinx is your best bet.  I personally prefer Jinx over Destiny in both finish and formula.

Miranda, 2 coats: raspberry pink jelly texture with fine pink glitters.  This one is gorgeous!  It has good pigmentation and the formula is awesome.  It even has a squishy look to it despite being a texture.  Reminds of jam and all things good. :)

Stevie, 2 coats: lilac creme-jelly texture with fine silver glitter.  Another one of my favorites!  This one also excels in pigmentation and formula.  It's also super gorgeous and flattering! :)

Liberty, 2 coats: blue jelly texture with fine blue glitter.  I'm usually not wowed by this type of blue, but I really liked this one.  However, it's very pigmented and seems to be a stainer.  I used base coat with this, but still noticed very slight staining during removal.  It came out when I washed my hands, so it's not a big deal.  But I would double up on base coat when using this.  It also has a gooey base like Destiny.  It was still easy to apply, just slower drying.

Verdict:  Love!  The colors are perfect for summer and the textured effect is well done.  All of these were opaque in 2-3 coats and generally had good formulas.  While I liked every single polish in this collection, my absolute favorites would be Miranda and Stevie.

Availability:  You can purchase this entire collection at for $54.  Individual polishes retail for $9 each.  Zoya polishes are also available in stores at Ulta.

Which color is your favorite?


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